Build your own remote control half-scale Dalek with the latest partwork from Hachette!

Hachette have launched a new Doctor Who partwork that may just be one of the most ambitious ever. The Dalek partwork enables you to build your own Dalek! At 2:1 scale the result will be a half sized model of the Doctor’s most iconic enemy. What’s more, it will be completely remote controlled! You’ll be able to send your pint sized pepperpot around the house, while controlling the eyestalk and dome movements too. The Dalek’s iris even opens and closes, just like on the show. Eyestalk and ear-lights light up, and it comes with a library of appropriate sound effects to play on command. Even the business end of the gunstick lights up! Your Dalek can also be opened up to reveal the squid like mutant within at the touch of a button thanks to an automated opening sequence.

You can see the finished Dalek in action for yourself in Hachette’s promotional YouTube video below:


Choosing to assemble your own Dalek involves a major commitment, though. You’ll collect the pieces over 140 weekly issues — that’s over two and a half years. Moreover, while the first issue is a mere £1.99, issue 2 is £7.99 and every subsequent issue is £11.99. That’s a total spend of £1,664.60! But if you have deep enough pockets, and a deep enough urge to exterminate, Hachette’s Build Your Own Dalek may be your path to conquering the universe.

Each issue comes with a magazine giving instructions on how to assemble the latest parts of your Dalek and join them to what you already have, as well as features on Doctor Who. If you subscribe before the 7th of July, you’ll get one issue free, a binder for your issues, a TARDIS key chain, and a TARDIS mug.


The Dalek Issue 1 (c) Hachette Doctor Who partwork Build Your Own Dalek
The Dalek Issue 1 (c) Hachette

The Dalek #1 – On Sale Now

Issue 1 is in shops in the UK now. But as with all partworks, arranging a standing order or subscribing is recommended. Especially on a project like this where missing an issue won’t just mean a gap on your shelf where some figure or book should have gone , but an incomplete or non-working Dalek!

To learn more, visit the official Hachette site.


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