Once again, Big Finish Productions delivers more bang for your buck with the latest in its release of Short Trips stories.

Stories in this series usually come in at around half an hour. But ‘The British Invasion’, featuring the dream team of the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, clocks in at 45 minutes. That’s more Doctor Who than usual for your money!


The TARDIS lands in London during the Festival of Britain, after the Second World War. The trio explore a dome, built by the side of the Thames, where the pride of British technology is on display. There they meet a scientist, a technical assistant, who is tinkering with a radio telescope dish aimed at the moon. Imogen is trying, desperately, to get the best telemetry from it that she can.

As they decide to lend her a hand they discover all is not as it seems. As the title suggests, an invasion of Britain is afoot. It just wouldn’t be Doctor Who if this was not the case. It’s up to the TARDIS trio to put an end to the invasion before it begins.

Good as (Chocolate) Gold

Writer Ian Potter quickly draws you into this story, finding the voice of the Second Doctor fast. He pays wonderful detail to what’s going as the story unfolds, the Doctor rummaging through his frockcoat for coinage only to discover yet to be minted currency and chocolate coins is a favourite.

Wendy’s House

It’s nice to hear Wendy Padbury again, who played Zoe back in the day. She pays close attention to the way Troughton and Hines spoke when in-character, delivering a loving approximation of their voices. It’s rather sweet.

It’s hard to find any fault with The British Invasion, one of those lovely occasions when everything falls perfectly into place.

Blogtor Rating – 10/10

‘The British Invasion’ is available to buy now from the Big Finish website.


Doctor Who: Short Trips Monthly is a series of new short stories read by an original cast member.

Release #32 is a Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe story.

A huge metal dome sits by the side of the river Thames, within it is a device that might change the entire future of humanity. The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie embark on a small act of kindness but the TARDIS seems oddly unwilling to help. It’s as if it knows the truth. There is something waiting here, something adaptable and cunning, gathering its strength to conquer the stars.

Producer Ian Atkins
Script Editor Ian Atkins
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Ian Potter
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman


Wendy Padbury (Narrator)


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