Veteran Doctor Who novel writer John Peel is delivering a new adventure for the Brig’s granddaughter and her friends.

Candy Jar books have announced the latest in their line of children’s adventure books ‘The Lucy Wilson mysteries’. ‘The Midnight people’, the third book in the series, is written by John Peel who has been writing Doctor Who fiction since the 1980s when he was personally picked by Dalek creator Terry Nation to novelise several Dalek adventures including ‘The Dalek Master Plan’. John also launched the Virgin New adventures series of original stories with ‘Timewrym: Genesys” in 1991. More recently John has written two adventure in Candy Jar’s Lethbridge-Stewart series, the series from which ‘The Lucy Wilson Mysteries’ have spun off.

The new adventure sees Lucy and her friend Hobo being called to a mysterious village where something odd is definitely going on – but what? People seem joyless and dull, showing no emotions at all. Why are people walking toward the cliffs at the stroke of midnight? Who is the lady in the wheelchair? What are the villagers trying to protect What are the villagers trying to protect in the caves?

Of the new adventure John says “Lucy and Hobo are lovely characters to write for. They aren’t superheroes, they’re just youngsters who rely on their wits and their courage, and have to fight off fears of insecurity. Are they seeing more than is there? And, if not, can two teens save the world – again? Plus, of course, I’ve introduced another of my odd aliens.”

The Character of Lucy Wilson first appeared in the Candy Jar published Lethbridge-Stewart story ‘Lucy Wilson’ by Sue Hampton and went on to appear in several more books in that series before being spun off into her own with the first ‘The Lucy Wilson mysteries’ book ‘Avatars of the Intelligence’ (also by Sue Hampton). The second book in the series ‘Curse of the Mirror Clowns’ (Chris Lynch) is also about to go on wide release, having previously only been available directly from the Candy Jar website.

The publisher will have a presence at this years ‘Turn Left’ Doctor who convention in Cardiff on 1st December where they will be officially launching the wide release of ‘Curse of the Mirror Clowns’ with the author Chris Lynch there to answer questions.

More adventures for Lucy.

In addition to the three published novels in the series a collection of short stories featuring Lucy and Hobo, written by the school children of THE ST LEONARD’S ACADEMY has been made available as a free PDF on Candy Jar’s website. And Lucy will be seen again in the forthcoming Lethbridge-Stewart short story collection ‘Lineage’ in another story written by Chris North.

All ‘The Lucy Mysteries’ books are available now from the Candy Jar Books website


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