Dec 3 sees the release of the Blogtor Who audio commentary for the 2005 story, Boom Town. We are looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the episode for inclusion on the podcast (read out after the commentary). Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment below or email us HERE.

ETA: The commentary has now been recorded, thanks for all your comments!

We are also looking for your comments, thoughts and questions on the Series 1 finale, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Way. You can Tweet us HERE, Facebook us HERE, leave a comment in the section below, or email us HERE.

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  1. Howdy. Look I always enjoy good old Boom Town whenever I watch it, and that's been a good few times I can tell you. I just like its humour – the Dr's call of "Margaret!" (my sister's name, BTW!) when giving chase; the Dr's smug "I could do this all day!"; "She's climbing out the window isn't she?" Sure its silly but I like it. And I found the Dr & Margaret's discourse on justice compelling – what makes it, of course, is Annette Badland's beautifully nuanced and utterly convincing delivery. She also manages to make her killer Slitheen sympathetic during the ladies room scenes. I know these are the very reasons some people hate the episode, but to me its a lovely, measured, not-trying-too-hard eppy that has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments juxtaposed with the grim and serious. The ending is a little trite but it was nicely out of the ordinary for Dr Who. 7.5 out of 10.

  2. So many questions for Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways! After all the teasing, did you like the revelation of what 'Bad Wolf' was? Opinion of Eccleston as the Doctor on the whole? Did your heart lift or sink at Tennant's first appearance? Rose's speech in the chip shop: dismissive towards Jackie and Mickey or brave and inspiring? Was the Doctor right not to push the lever? And did you enjoy the gameshow stuff, or did the references feel outdated already?

    …I'd understand if you don't address all these questions.

    My opinion: The finale is glorious, cemented my love of the show. Full of great, heroic moments for all the characters. Rose speech in the chip shop was the first time the show made me cry. And it was with pride!

  3. Boom Town was a bit of a relaxed episode in my opinion. The Slitheen didn't need to return as I thought they were a bit overused (as usual, SJA). I have to say Mickey was being a a bit of an idiot.

  4. Boom Town is without a doubt my least favorite episode of Doctor Who since the reboot. Horrible, wretched stuff, that I never plan to watch again. They set up a really interesting quandry for the Doctor about capitol punishment and personal relationships. What should he do? Does this Slitheen actually deserve the fate that awaits her if he turns her in? Well, she did kill a lot of people. It's a complex moral dilemma of the sort that Doctor Who usually excels at. But instead of resolving it, the heart of the TARDIS turns her into an egg in the worst possible example of Deus Ex Machina, and all of the tough questions raised are totally avoided. A cop-out in the extreme, and totally unsatisfying. It's the only episode of New Who that I absolutely loathe.

  5. Ooh, it's just occurred to me!

    Dec 3rd – Boom Town
    Dec 10th – Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways
    Dec 17th – The Christmas Invasion
    Dec 25th – The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

    That's wonderful timing. Have you been planning this all along?

    Boom Town is alright. It's the better episode of the Chris Eccleston Slitheen trilogy, but it's not a show highlight. Nice episode, but never superb, basically. It does take all the best things from the earlier two-parter, though. Annette Badland's character was the most interesting of the Slitheen, and she has a lot of fun in the role, but it's the budgetiest of the budget episodes. Mostly. conversation. Very compelling and well-written conversation! But it feels very much like an interlude, which doesn't feel appropriate for a big, swashbuckling show like Doctor Who.

    But then, to hell with my stupid, insular, narrowband definition of what's appropriate! There is a lot in its favour. It's very unorthodox, which is always a good thing, and deftly written, so it's totally a welcome addition to the Doctor Who arsenal. Just not a highlight. In my flimsy opinion.

  6. The Boom Town is what I would call a useless repeated viewing of Aliens Of London/WW3, except with one Slitheen and a cheap cop out at the conclus- Oh wait I forgot the cheap cop out in WW3. I would've honestly preferred the original episode 11 which would've revealed the Doctor made Rose into the ultimate companion.

    Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways makes me proud to be a Who fan. The human Daleks are a semi-return, as the Classic series showed this before. A fitting way for Eccleston to bow out.

  7. I was reminded of the restauraunt scene in Boom Town while watching Let's Kill Hitler this year. The rapid-fire exchange between the Doctor and River seemed to mirror the one between the Doctor and Margaret, as she attempts to attack him and he instantly defuses the danger. Luckily, Margaret didn't think to wear any poisoned lipstick, because that would have been disgusting.

    And this IS the same Jackie from Vancouver, by the way. You can achieve a Canadian accent by doing an American accent (not a Southern one), stressing your Rs a little bit, like in Fargo, and sounding a little unsure of yourself.

  8. Cheers for the clarification, Cam! You're a slippery genius.

    ALSO, as you asked for us to specify accents for the comments a few weeks back (The Long Game?) can Sandy please read out my earlier comment in a thick Bengali accent.

    And can he read this one out please in a sort of Yiddish type thing.

    Or actually, do I need to throw in a token Doctor Who mention before I can ask you to put on accent? If so, I'm gonna call Captain Jack a thief and leave it at that.

  9. Spring (on holiday with my teens):
    Boom Town was one of those episodes that made my then-boyfriend cringe over the "emotional wank" factor of New Who. It's because of this that my reviews now have a "monsters and wank" section. In this case it's Rose and You-Know-Who wrestling with what's become of their relationship.

    Angus the Beef:
    You should do a Mexican accent. I just licked a spoonful of peanut butter and your face was perfectly outlined in the saliva. Whether it was Sandy or Cameron, we will leave that open.

    No comment. No, seriously I left a comment that says no comment.

  10. ((I am American–New York to be exact (already cringing at how my comments will henceforth be read!))


    Jack is way too much fun herein with all the flirting and sassiness.

    The Doctor, Rose and Jack, with their "time and space" HIGH FIVE—like they are high on space dust! Or like they are–and apologies to those very young–little kids with free run of the sweet shop!

    What did the Doctor order in the first restaurant–he obviously likes steak? Or at least, so he said. And, was he also drinking wine at some point?

    Did anyone catch the brief reference to he and Rose visiting a planet called "Women Wept?" Can't help wondering about *cough Weeping Angels."

    Mostly I thought this episode little more than an excuse to have the Doctor show his "Justice no matter what" side–I didn't mind the Heart of the Tardis turning Margaret Slitheen into an egg. TARDIS WINS!

    And I promise to be brief and fun so there you go, stopping there!

  11. I thought Boom Town, Bad Wolf, and Parting of the Ways were decent episodes because of one person – Captain Jack.

    I absolutely adore and love Jack's charm and flirty attitude. He made the episodes light and fun with innuendos. I especially love how he kissed the Doctor right before he died and was resurrected. His character has grown and matured through the seasons and even getting deeper with Torchwood.

  12. I know this isnt a forum, but all you Boom Town naysayers can go take a hike. Its a nice little ep, doesnt take itself too seriously, unlike its 2 (Slitheen) predecessors. If you cant suspend your disbelief and go where the story takes you, then why the hell are you watching Dr Who in the first place…


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