Blue Peter has announced the winners of its
exclusive Doctor Who competition, which challenged CBBC viewers to
design brand-new sonic devices to be used in the forthcoming series of
the iconic science fiction show. You can watch the launch of the competition HERE.
aged between six and 15 were asked to design a new sonic device for
either Sontaran Commander Strax, Madame Vastra or Jenny Flint – and the
winning gadgets will feature in the new series which airs next year.
More than 3600 young people entered for the chance to win the exclusive,
once-in-a-lifetime prize.
The winners of the competition – which
was launched to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who – were 13-year-old
Connor from Somerset, 11-year-old Arthur from Hampshire and 7-year-old
Amber from Kent.
Connor designed a Sonic Gauntlet for use by Jenny
Flint. His intricate gauntlet design included a tumbler to make locks
fall apart, a radioactivity measurer and receiver dish and a watch that
shows the conductivity of metal in a lock. Judge Steven Moffat said
that Connor’s design was a multi-purpose toolkit that fits in your arm
and can do a whole manner of things: “We love this because it looks
really cool; it looks quite steam punk – it looks Victorian, but looks
technological at the same time and I can just imagine Jenny Flint when
she goes out in the morning needing something like that on her arm.”

design was a Sonic Lorgnette – a pair of handheld eyeglasses – for
Commander Strax. It included an x-ray lens for seeing inside people and
objects, a thermal lens for detecting people and a sonic light. Steven
Moffat said that this was a beautiful design which was perfect for
Strax: “You feel you want to pick it up and hold it, but it’s also
about the other side of his life because – of course – Strax is a nurse
and this allows him to examine his patients and see what’s wrong with
them. I think it will be very funny seeing Strax’s big clumsy hands
holding that.”

Amber’s winning device for Madame Vastra was a
Sonic Hat Pin that works as a remote control for her carriage, but can
also turn into a sonic sword that increases in size with the flick of a
special switch. Steven Moffat said: “The Sonic Hat Pin is a glorious
idea. It can actually summon her carriage just by plucking it out of
her hat, and she can lock it as well. It’s funny, it makes absolute
sense and it’s got a little dinosaurs feather in it, which sells it to

The winners were chosen by an expert panel of judges,
including Blue Peter editor Ewan Vinnicombe, Doctor Who Head Writer and
Executive Producer Steven Moffat, Doctor Who producer Nikki Wilson,
Doctor Who’s brand account manager Edward Russell, CBBC presenter and
Doctor Who fan Chris Johnson, Blue Peter series producer Ellen Evans and
Michael Pickwoad, production designer for Doctor Who.



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