Long-running BBC “children’s” television programme Blue Peter is to continue its strong association with Doctor Who, with the
launch of an exciting new Blue Peter Doctor Who competition and two live specials. Details below:
In an exclusive competition, Blue Peter viewers aged between six and 15 will be asked to design new sonic devices for Sontaran Commander Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint. Their gadgets will feature in the iconic science fiction series. The winner will get the unique opportunity to see their gadget in action on the set of Doctor Who.
On Thursday 21 November and Saturday 23 November, Barney, Lindsey and Radzi will be joined by aliens and monsters in the studio and the audience will be able to design their very own alien live on air.
Blue Peter viewers will have their questions answered by Matt Smith; they will be able to get ready for the 50th anniversary show by making their very own cushion (to hide behind); and we’ll help them to host a Doctor Who party by showing them how to make Dalek cupcakes.
Blue Peter airs Thursday 21 November  5.30pm on CBBC. Sticking with CBBC, details of their  12 Again: Doctor Who special have also been announced. Details below:

Super fans join cast
members past and present to share their memories of watching TV’s top
Time Lord when they were young. Who was their Doctor when they were a
kid? Which aliens had them hiding behind the sofa?

CBBC’s super fan Chris Johnson, impressionist Jon Culshaw, Tommy Knight
(Luke Smith), Warwick Davis (Porridge), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra),
Dan Starkey (Strax) Louise Jameson (Leela) and the Seventh Doctor,
Sylvester McCoy.

We’ll find out about the Doctor himself, the
TARDIS and the famous theme tune as we travel back to a different
dimension with our celebrities as they become 12 Again.

 The BBC have also announced Doctor Who: Greatest Monsters & Villains Weekend on BBC Three which begins on Friday,
15 November at 7pm. Details below:

The fantastic foes that have gone up against our time-traveling
hero in his first-half century are a huge part of Doctor Who. By turns scary,
funny, iconic, thrilling and on occasions charismatic, they help define the
show’s enduring appeal and fifty years after the Daleks were created, the
monsters of Doctor Who remain an integral part of what makes the series so
special. Doctor Who: Greatest Monsters & Villains Weekend will be
a marvellous salute to those baddies who have blighted the Doctor’s life and
added so much excitement to ours.


  1. Why have a picture of Chris if he's not mentioned anywhere in the article? It raises people's hopes up for nothing.

  2. It's because the guy who usually writes these articles is a moron. He is always butt hurt and lashes out at people for various reasons on here. Being a mod etc here is the only place in his life he feels like he has any real power or control over anything, pathetic. Lol.


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