The seventh episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online. Happily the team return to their reviews of Series 10 by looking at ‘Oxygen’. They debate the idea of oxygen as a commodity and the commentary on capitalism in a ‘base under siege’. Clara Oswald also proves to be a point for discussion with two conflicting viewpoints expressed.

The band are back together again! Bedwyr, Mat and Susan have finally put down their copies of Big Finish’s The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume 2, which will be discussed in a future instalment, and return to their review of episodes from Series 10. Next in their reviews is ‘Oxygen’. Together they debate the value of making The Doctor appear vulnerable, sacrifices and political commentaries in Doctor Who. In a typical meander away from the main topic, there is also a discussion about Clara’s death in ‘Face the Raven’ with Bedwyr and Susan having conflicting viewpoints on the subject. There is also a major spoiler for ‘Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle’ so skip that bit if required. Episode 7 of the BlogtorWhoCast is available to stream and download now from Soundcloud and iTunes.

Next time will see a special episode as the team will review ‘Extremis’, ‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’ and ‘The Lie of the Land’ all in one go. Keep up to date with the BlogtorWhoCast by following @BlogtorWhoCast on Twitter. Share your feedback by emailing [email protected] where you can also send questions, topics that you want us to discuss or your thoughts on episodes from Series 10.

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