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BLOGTORWHOCAST: Episode 23 ‘Doctor Who Review: Rosa’ Now Live

Doctor Who - Series 11 - Ep 3 - Rosa - Rosa Parks (VINETTE ROBINSON)
Doctor Who - Series 11 - Ep 3 - Rosa - Rosa Parks (VINETTE ROBINSON)

BlogtorWhoCast Episode 23 is now online. In this latest edition Bedwyr and Susan review ‘Rosa’. What did they make of the third episode of the new series? Listen to the BlogtorWhoCast to find out.

The BlogtorWhoCast is back again to review the very latest episode of Doctor Who. ‘Rosa’ was a venture into real Earth history. But what did Bedwyr and Susan make of it all?

‘Rosa’ sees a retelling of the story of Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Alabama. Although the episode isn’t as violent and brutal as it potentially could’ve been, there is something very uncomfortable about the situation. Bedwyr goes so far as to call it the most alien environment the TARDIS has ever taken the time travellers to. Susan picks up on some of the more comedic elements, the Steve Jobs reference being particularly amusing. Both reviewers were less impressed with the villain Krasko but huge praise is given to the scene of Ryan and Yas in the alleyway. Ultimately, given the tough subject matter, ‘Rosa’ proves to be an important piece of Doctor Who.

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