BlogtorWhoCast Episode 20 is now online and continues the reviews of episodes from Series 10. In this latest edition Bedwyr and Susan review ‘The Doctor Falls’.

Bedwyr and Susan are back with their brand of Doctor Who related conversation. In this episode our duo conclude their reviews of stories from Series 10 with ‘The Doctor Falls’. Bedwyr kicks things off with a bit of a rant at the pre-title sequence. After praising the portrayal of the patients in ‘World Enough and Time’, it did seem tonally at odds to then have them gunned down by farmers. By contrast there is huge praise for Peter Capaldi’s his penultimate performance. One particularly speech to The Master standing out for instance. However, there are a number of problems with the episode that both Bedwyr and Susan struggled with.

The return of John Simm as The Master was exciting, with his scenes opposite Michelle Gomez particularly enjoyable. Unfortunately, the character’s reason for being on the ship was not clear to either viewer. Similarly, the rescuing of Cyber Bill also didn’t come off quite as well as it could have. This season finale proves to be a disappointing resolution, lacking in logic, resulting in an interesting discussion for the BlogtorWhoCast.

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