The second episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and features a review of ‘The Pilot’ and much more…

Continuing our new podcast for Doctor Who fans are Bedwyr Gullidge, Susan Hewitt and Mat Greenfield. Episode 2 of the BlogtorWhoCast is available to stream and download now from Soundcloud and iTunes.

In the news Bedwyr, Mat and Susan talk at length about the upcoming Shada animation, discuss the prospect of hour long episodes and update us on some of Christopher Ecclestone’s upcoming roles. The team then review the opening episode of Series 10; ‘The Pilot’. They discuss Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts, a new role for the Twelfth Doctor and a fresh start for the show.


Next time the team will discuss the Emojibots and review ‘Smile’. Keep up to date with the BlogtorWhoCast by following @BlogtorWhoCast on Twitter. Share your feedback email

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      • Don’t seem to be having any luck finding it on their page, do you have a link? Would you be able to add it to PocketCasts so it appears in their search? It’s a really popular app for podcasts on Android. All I find right now when I search for Blogtor on there is the commentaries done by this blog a few years back. Thanks!

  1. If you’re on android perhaps try the Soundcloud app and search BlogtorWhoCast. I believe users have to pay for pocketcasts and we want listeners to have the podcast available for free, hence why we use Soundcloud.

    • The podcast is still free for users; the PocketCasts app is paid for (once), like a lot of podcast players – the developers of these apps have to make a living, after all!

      (Given iTunes best supports Apple devices that are very expensive, it surprised me that you suggested that cost to users is a factor, to be honest!)

      If you want to reach a bigger audience, you should put your podcast on as many services as you can – there’s not really any cost to doing so. Most of them appear to just ‘listen’ to when new releases are uploaded to an RSS feed, a bit like how an RSS reader works but focused on audio. If people have to go to a different app to listen to where the majority of their podcasts are received, they usually won’t bother, I’ve found.

      PocketCasts is used by a lot of Android users and supports a wide variety of devices – indeed, it’s one of the most popular podcasting apps on that platform (equivalent in many regards to the use of iTunes for podcasts by Apple users).

      You just use the link here to submit the link to the RSS feed: (I’m guessing they also let you upload a cover and short description?)

      (I really want to listen to your podcast, so really hope you do this! Good luck with it all regardless!)

      • Thanks for the information. I have a few days to look over this season break. Let me see if we can get it up and running for you.



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