The nineteenth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and continues the reviews of episodes from Series 10. In this latest edition Bedwyr and Susan review ‘World Enough and Time’. Safe to say, this episode went down pretty well! It is a story of creatures suffering and desperate to survive. One that blew away both reviewers.

Bedwyr and Susan return with their brand of Doctor Who related conversation. Although neither can quite work out what the episode title means, the story proves to be a huge hit. Bedwyr even goes out on a limb and declares it to be one of the best pieces of Doctor Who that he has ever seen. He even suggests that it tops the critically acclaimed ‘Heaven Sent’. Huge praise is heaped on this episode. From the sci-fi concept of the black hole affecting the speed that time passes on different areas of the spaceship, to the hospital scenes with Bill, it is simply a stellar episode.

John Simm’s return as Mr Razor and of course The Master proves another discussion point. Although Susan had identified him earlier than Bedwyr managed, both agree that the impact of his reveal is hugely dramatic even though they knew Simm was returning. Perhaps the best scene was that of the patient in pain. The nurse’s response is shocking and brutal. Both agree that whilst you see the direction that the episode is taking, it is the journey that it takes you on which makes it so memorable. Equally, if you did not know the history of the Cybermen then the story is just as gripping and dramatic.

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