The eighteenth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and continues the reviews of episodes from Series 10. In this latest edition Bedwyr and Susan review ‘The Eaters of Light’.

Bedwyr and Susan are back with their brand of Doctor Who related conversation. Firstly the duo reflect on the return of Rona Munro. With ‘The Eaters of Light’ Munro became the first Doctor Who writer to author a tale for both the classic and new incarnations of the show. Naturally our two hosts who belong to that Classic era take the opportunity to reflect on ‘Survival’, Monro’s first story, before turning their attention to ‘The Eaters of Light’.

Both Bedwyr and Susan struggle to get too excited about this episode. However, there is high praise for the portrayal of the Roman soldiers. The actors used are a bit younger than usual for Roman soldiers but more accurate of the time period. Their teenage existence is also reflected in the Picts. Both are shown to be scared and vulnerable but outside of that their motivation is a little confused. Although functional the conclusion is that the story is a filler episode within the season. On the plus side it is a story that could easily accommodate different Doctor/companion combinations.

Also keep your ear out for an outtake from recording at the end of the show!

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