The seventeenth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and continues the reviews of episodes from Series 10. In this latest edition Bedwyr and Susan review ‘Empress of Mars’.

Bedwyr and Susan are back with their brand of Doctor Who related conversation. To continue their reviews of stories from Series 10 the duo move onto ‘Empress of Mars’. The story starts with some peculiar words on Mars and a clumsy device used to get rid of Nardole and question the intended position of this tale within the series. Both are however pleased to see the Ice Warriors back and for a trip to their home planet. Throw into that sci-fi mixture some Victorian soldiers and you have a slightly bizarre but thoroughly entertaining Doctor Who episode.

Together Bedwyr and Susan discuss the design of Iraxxa and new Ice Warrior weaponry. They also cover the debate that surrounded the depiction of a coloured soldier in the British Army of the Victorian era. As two connoisseurs of the classic series our hosts were also delighted by the return of Alpha Centauri. This also saw the return of Ysanne Churchman who returned to Doctor Who at the age of 92! Finally the pair also reflect on seeing more Ice Warriors than ever before and Bedwyr offers a piece of information from behind the scenes.

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