The sixteenth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and features a discussion about the Doctor Who Target novelisations. Neatly serving as a companion piece to the DVD discussion in the last episode, the popular book range proves an equally popular topic.

With Mat providing an authorised absence to attend the book signing at Forbidden Planet, Bedwyr and Susan are left to reminisce about the Target books of old. Four modern stories, plus ‘City of Death’, have been novelised. These are episodes that can be watched again and again. Yet, even in this modern world, there is a place for novelisations of these stories. Of course, Bedwyr and Susan remember a time when the Target books were the only way to revisit old stories. Together the duo share memories of specific titles and tell stories of story books.

Another element of the successful range was the artwork that adorned the covers. Despite a move to photo covers in the 1980’s, the artwork creations remain the best, showcased in a recent exhibition at the Cartoon Museum in London. It was there that Susan interviewed Chris Achilleos a link to which is below. Enjoy this trip into classic Doctor Who literature and be sure to send us photos of your collections. For more details on the Target book she of the past check out David Howe’s book on the subject available from Telos Publishing.

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