The fifteenth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and features a discussion about the Classic Doctor Who DVD range. There is also an update on Christopher Eccleston, Series 9 soundtrack news and a red carpet event to talk about.

Mat is back to join Bedwyr and Susan in their brand of Doctor Who related conversation. Following the last episode the latest news is of Christopher Eccleston appearing at London Film and Comic Con. The trio express their surprise, credit Showmasters and have some requests to those seeing him in July. Mat also brings us news of a highly anticipated soundtrack release. The Baby Lifeline red carpet event is nearly here and Susan reminds listeners how they can support the charity. Tickets are still available for Saturday 31st March at Cineworld Broad Street in Birmingham. Doctor Who actors David Tennant, Peter Davison, Georgia Tennant and Ingrid Oliver will be in attendance. It will be a great evening and listeners of the BlogtorWhoCast can be a part of it with tickets available here.

The main topic for this episode is the Doctor Who Classic DVD range. Following the release of ‘The Enemy of the World’ Special Edition this week the team reflect on the range as a whole. Bedwyr believes that the range serves as an important archive of how television production has changed over the years. Mat and Susan share their highlights from the range, including the ‘Trials and Tribulations’ documentary. Together the trio come up with a list of Classic DVD recommendations for new collectors. This discussion reveals a shocking opinion from one of the team that astounds the other two! To find out what it could possibly be check out the episode now.

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