The twelfth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and features a return to the reviews of Series 10. Bedwyr, Mat and Susan discuss the Monk Trilogy, the three episodes comprising ‘Extremis’, ‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’ and ‘The Lie of the Land’. Plus two pieces of news are also covered. Firstly, the announcement of a Series 3 steelbook release and subsequent delay. Secondly, the sad passing of actor Peter Miles.

Bedwyr, Susan and Mat are back with their mix of Doctor Who news and reviews. Firstly the team discuss the Series 3 Blu-Ray steelbook release. Although announced for release it has now been delayed. The trio discuss why the artwork is to be revamped and also mention other merchandise errors over the years. In sadder news the passing of Peter Miles is reflected upon. Unsurprisingly his role as Nyder in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ is the standout.

For the main event of Episode 12 Team BlogtorWhoCast discuss the Monk trilogy, a series of episodes in Series 10 which encompassed ‘Extremis’, ‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’ and ‘The Lie of the Land’. Topics for debate include simulations, the portrayal of scientists and how the world will end. The ‘fake’ regeneration is also mentioned and how the concept of regeneration is now broken. There are also positives with praise for the attempts at trying something fresh with an ‘Invasion Earth’ story. However, the team admit that things didn’t quite come together in these three stories.Episode 12 of the BlogtorWhoCast is available to stream and download now from Soundcloud, iTunes and the Apple Podcasts app. Keep up to date with the BlogtorWhoCast by following @BlogtorWhoCast on Twitter. Share your feedback email

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