The tenth episode of the BlogtorWhoCast is now online and covers a real mix of topics. Bedwyr and Susan discuss a forthcoming Special Edition DVD release, David Tennant’s busy work schedule and Sarah Jane Smith.

In Mat’s absence Bedwyr and Susan soldier on and wrap up some news. Bedwyr reports details of the Special Edition DVD release of ‘The Enemy of the World‘. Susan then attempts to cover all of David Tennant’s upcoming projects hitting screens soon. Finally the two connoisseurs of the classic era of Doctor Who reflect on Sarah Jane Smith and the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen. They reflect on the strengths of Sarah’s character and her relationship with two Doctors. The Sarah Jane Adventures is not forgotten either and even K9 and Company is covered. Unfortunately the episode ends on the sad note of her sudden death with Bedwyr sharing a particularly emotional reaction to the news. Episode 10 of the BlogtorWhoCast is available to stream and download now from Soundcloud and iTunes.

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