Here at Blogtor Who we’re still coming to terms with the end of the Twelfth Doctor. Peter Capaldi was a great Doctor and Twice Upon A Time was a fitting ending. Don’t get us wrong there are exciting times ahead with Jodie Whittaker, but now Capaldi’s era is over its a perfect time to look back upon it.

To look back properly we’ve decided to let you decide the peaks and troughs of the Capaldi era. From Wednesday, 24th January we will be launching the World Cup of Capaldi. This will see every episode of the Capaldi era in a knockout tournament until we find YOUR favourite Twelfth Doctor episode.

This will begin on Wednesday 24th January and you’ll have 24 hours to vote on your winner in the first 8 matches. These form round one, part one. Part two will begin on Friday 26th January, and then round two will begin after the weekend.

There have been some tough choices made to ensure we have an even number of episodes to compete against each other. For example, Extremis, The Pyramid at the End of the World and The Lie of the Land are listed as a 3-parter. We hope that won’t impinge on your enjoyment on what should be a fun tournament to find the best episode of the Capaldi era.




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