Fans of the Blogtor Who audio commentaries will be aware that the current run is about to end, and those of you following on Twitter may have seen what we’ve got planned after Doctor Who Series 6 comes to an end this weekend.

Well, Blogtor and commentary co~host, Alexander J McKinnon, will be releasing commentaries from Doctor Who: Series 1, Episode 1, Rose onwards; with a new commentary each week. We will be looking for you guys and gals to contribute to the podcasts (and not just random words); more details nearer the time. The commentaries are free to download (or listen to), and you can check them out on iTunes HERE.

At the moment, we will be releasing an audio commentary of Rose on Saturday, Oct 8. Myself and Sandy really hope you can join us on our journey, especially as he hasn’t most of the episodes broadcast since 2005! Hopefully this will go some way to fill the void before Doctor Who returns in Autumn 2012 (apart from this Christmas, of course).

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The Blogtor Who Commentaries
Closing Time audio commentary
The God Complex audio commentary
Torchwood: Miracle Day audio commentaries
The Adventures of Steve Silent & Jimmy Big Hands


  1. Hooray! I'm looking forward to this! I'm so glad there'll be more commentaries to tide us through the long year. Will you be commentating on the new SJA series at all?

  2. Well, looks like I'm gonna need to start saving all the downloads for ongoing sake.
    I was planning on rewatching the older nuwho, and this gives me even more gumption for it. Bully to you.

  3. A little confused. Will it be just Sandy by himself or both of you?

    Also thanks so much. I love the commentaries. You guys are great.

  4. Ah great! Thanks for the reply.
    I love the commentaries and Chris Eccleston is my favorite Doctor. I'm looking forward to this.

    Oh and thanks to series 1-5 being on Netflix, I don't have to try to sync up the commentaries with copies of Doctor Who episodes.


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