He does pick ‘em.

Former library assistant Alice Obiefune turns out to be far more than a failed librarian when she steals the Master’s TARDIS and returns to the Time War to investigate what spawned the Malignant.

ELEVENTH DOCTOR #2.10 - Preview 1
ELEVENTH DOCTOR #2.10 – Preview 1

This particular nasty wreaked havoc last issue, and the TARDIS crew is struggling to deal with it.

Simon Fraser’s art is outstanding in this issue. It’s full of impressions of urgency and danger. Page four of the strip stands out both for its striking look and quirkiness. It shows the TARDIS alight in a nebula, doors flung open, where the Doctor is delivering a challenge to his latest enemy. And the best bit is writer Rob Williams’s words would feel just as at home in Series 7 in an episode penned by Neil Cross or Steven Moffat himself.

ELEVENTH DOCTOR #2.10 - Preview 2
ELEVENTH DOCTOR #2.10 – Preview 2

There’s plenty of angst in this story, as the eccentric armour-clad warrior known as the Squire, fights for her life following the events of the last issue. And the Doctor and Dalek killer Abslom Daak come to blows.

And it ends on a wonderful cliff hanger that will have any fan who has seen the 50th-anniversary television special The Day of the Doctor grinning from ear to ear.

It would be easy to dismiss the comic book adventures of the universe’s most famous Time Lord as superfluous to the bigger story playing out on television, and occasionally cinema screens, but the more this story plays out the more it is beginning to feel like classic Doctor Who. Except we have to wait another month to find out what is going to happen next.

Bring on next month!



  • Writers: Rob Williams
  • Artist: Simon Fraser 
  • Colorist: Gary Caldwell
  • Letterer: Comicraft

FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On Sale: 8th June 2016


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