Yesterday, Blogtor was a guest on the BBC World News show, Global, to discuss Doctor Who and the casting of Peter Capaldi – watch it in the player above. Also featured is the Director of Drama at BBC Worldwide, Caroline Torrance.

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  1. Awesome, good on you dude! Were you nervous? You looked very relaxed and confident.

    So you can add that to your CV then, 'BBC Doctor Who Consultant'


  2. Well done Cameron. I get this channel on my cable in the USA – so you were undoubtedly seen over here. Very excited to see where you've taken the site. Keep up the great work.

  3. Great work Cam! Although it may have been a mistake to activate your freeze ray gun on the presenter as he tried to namecheck the website 😉

  4. Well done Cameron! Nice to see you on the box 🙂 Why do interviewers always pretend that the don't know anything about DW?


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