During the latest series of Doctor Who Blogtor Who will look at all the nods and references to adventures which have gone before. So even if you are not already a Mastermind expert on all things in the Whoniverse you can appreciate the little detail as well. Perhaps you are a very knowledgeable Whovian already but did you spot them all?

Thin Ice, Big Finish Audio CD

Thin Ice

Firstly, the title might sound familiar to long term Big Finish listeners. Released in April 2011, this adventure was part of the Lost Stories series. It was based upon a proposed story idea for the aborted Season 27 of Doctor Who actually titled ‘Ice Time’. Featuring the Ice Warriors, the proposed setting was 1960’s London but the audio release used Moscow in 1967 instead. If it had been produced and transmitted it was likely to have been the final story for Sophie Aldred as ‘Ace’. The story still remains available at the Big Finish website https://www.bigfinish.com/thin-ice. These two stories titled ‘Thin Ice’ are however completely unrelated.


The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo encountered an elephant which had been brought aboard The Ark in the far future (The Ark, 1966). The Doctor’s first incarnation also won thirty-five elephants, amongst other things, in a game of backgammon against Kublai Khan in 1289 (Marco Polo, 1964). Unfortunately, he then wagered it all in hope of regaining possession of the TARDIS and lost. The Elephant was also a pub frequented by William Shakespeare and where The Doctor and Martha Jones spent the night (The Shakespeare Code, 2007).

River Song and Rory Williams, A Good Man Goes to War, (c) BBC

The Frost Fair

River Song returned to her cell at the Stormcage Containment Facility having just visited 1814 the last of the Frost Fairs, presumably with the Eleventh Doctor. She told Rory that Stevie Wonder sang under London Bridge for her birthday (A Good Man Goes to War, 2011). Writer Sarah Dollard confirmed that a line of dialogue had referred to this happening, presumably simultaneously, further up the river. Sadly this reference was cut for time. The Big Finish ‘Companion Chronicle’ audio story ‘Frostfire’ also saw the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven visit the Frost Fair of 1814.

Terror of the Zygons (c) BBC
Terror of the Zygons (c) BBC

The Loch ‘less’ Monster

The Doctor has of course already encountered the Loch Ness monster. ‘Terror of the Zygons’ (1975) revealed that the Loch Ness monster was in reality the alien Skarasen. This reptilian cyborg was a tool used by the Zygons to destroy oil rigs. The Zygons also fed on milk produced by the Skarasen.

Borad - Doctor Who -Timelash (c) BBC
Borad – Doctor Who -Timelash (c) BBC

An alternative identity for the Loch Ness monster was implied in ‘Timelash’ (1985); the Borad from the planet Karfel. Transported to Earth in 1179 the Borad would’ve found himself on the banks of Loch Ness and may have taken up residence in the water itself (Timelash, 1985).

These are the things that we noticed. Let us know what you saw if they don’t appear above.


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