Once again for this series of Doctor Who, Blogtor Who is looking at all the nods and references to adventures which have gone before. This time its the turn of Praxeus. So even if you are not already a Mastermind expert on all things in the Whoniverse you can appreciate the little detail as well. Perhaps you are a very knowledgeable Whovian already but did you spot them all?

Rose - Target book cover by Anthony Dry (c) BBC Books
Rose – Target book cover by Anthony Dry (c) BBC Books

Plastic (Not So) Fantastic!

Some will no doubt see Praxeus’ use of plastic pollution as part of a new-fangled agenda. But plastic has long been a nemesis of the Doctor. It was way back in 1970, that the Nestene Consciousness and its ability to inhabit and manipulate plastic made its debut. And it’s returned several times since. The Ninth Doctor in 2005’s Rose even made the link that it’s humanity’s pollution which draws them to the Earth.

But if we look beyond the TV show itself, there’s some even more explicit links to Doctor Who of years past. Russell T Davies’ novelization of Rose expands on his original script to hit similar notes too. When the London Eye transmitter is activated to turn the world’s plastic lethal, Davies shows us events beyond London. In Praxeus, the aliens have established their underwater base directly beneath the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch – the collection point where debris from around the Indian Ocean is drawn together. This is actually just one of five such oceanic garbage patches around the Earth. And in the Target novelization, one Garbage Patch comes together to form a gigantic monster and attempts to make its way on land.

Torchwood #28: Sargasso. Cover by Lee Binding. (c) Big Finish Producitons
The Autons weaponize the North Atlantic Gargabge Patch in Torchwood: Sargasso. Cover by Lee Binding. (c) Big Finish Producitons

Torchwood may be gone, but it’s not forgotten

The Big Finish audio play Torchwood: Sargasso hits similar notes too, with the North Atlantic Garbage Patch appearing. Again it really is the Autons at work, using the plastic in the water to attack passing ships and replace their crews with replicas. Micro-plastics, as mentioned by the Thirteenth Doctor this week, also feature in Sargasso. And the Nestene, like Praxeus, realizes it can weaponize them to attack humanity from within. Plus, despite being aimed more firmly at adults, Sargasso features one of the most Doctor Who image imaginable. The survivors coming under attack by a swarm of vicious rubber ducks!

With the Nestene, and its avatars the Autons, so embedded in Doctor Who culture, it’s no wonder Praxeus writer Pete McTighe feels the need to establish early on that it’s definitely not the Autons this time.

Bradley Walsh as Odd Bob/Spellman - the malevolent fear eating entity in The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC Studios
Bradley Walsh as Odd Bob/Spellman – the malevolent fear eating entity in The Sarah Jane Adventures (c) BBC Studios

The TARDIS’s Odd (Bob) Ring Tone

As mentioned in previous Blasts from the Past, Graham O’Brien isn’t the first Whoniverse character Bradley Walsh has played. He guest starred in The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Day of the Clown as the villainous ‘Odd Bob.’ With a striking similarity to another evil clown you may have heard of, Odd Bob is a shapeless, formless entity which crashed to Earth millennia ago. Feeding on fear, especially those of children, it can take whatever form it thinks will most terrify kids. Sometimes a ringmaster or a pied piper, it usually settles on the shape of a clown.

Responsible for countless child disappearances down the years, often leaving only his trademark red balloon behind, Odd Bob has one unexpected weakness. A Mobile phone ring ton3. And the particular ring tone which causes Bob to glitch and be paralyzed shows up again in Praxeus. It’s the Doctor’s! Yes, when Suki calls the TARDIS to summon the Doctor back to Madagascar, the console gives a distinctive old fashioned ring tone sound. The very same one, in fact! Almost certainly one of the most obscure call backs (so to speak) in Doctor Who history.

Doctor Who – Series 11 – Ep 5 – The Tsuranga Conundrum - Astos (BRETT GOLDSTEIN) and the Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER)- (c) BBC Studios
Astos (BRETT GOLDSTEIN), with his Comm-dot visible, and the Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) in The Tsuranga Conundrum- (c) BBC Studios

The Tsuranga Comm Dots

The Doctor has a history of picking up bits and pieces whereever they go. And sometimes they continue to pop up in later adventures. Perhaps most famously, when the Doctor wound up with two spacesuits from Sanctuary Base Six at the end of The Satan Pit, they turned up repeatedly  afterwards. But Praxeus features the return of a different bit of scavenged technology. Last season, while helping defend the Tsuranga hospital ship against the P’ting, the Doctor gets given a comm-dot communicator. Applied just behind the ear they allow everyone in The Tsuranga Conundrum to keep in contact as they roam the corridors in search of the hungry little space gremlin. But it would seem the Doctor never quite got around to giving them back, as the TARDIS team use them again here.



Doctor Who - Series 12 - The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - (C) BBC / BBC Studios - Photographer: Alan Clarke
Doctor Who – Series 12 – The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) – (C) BBC / BBC Studios – Photographer: Alan Clarke

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