BILLIE PIPER (Rose Tyler) was a guest on the Scot Mills show on Radio 1 yesterday (hosted by Sara Cox). During the interview she talked about Matt Smith, David Tennant and the Doctor Who ‘movie’, of which she says, “they are doing it”. Hear the Who~related clips in the player below (the movie is discussed in Part 1).


  1. Urgh… always with the sex symbol crap when it comes to David Tennant…. Thankgod Smithy is unconventionally interesting looking, finaly we're away from gawping fans who gush over the stars looks.

  2. A Doctor Who movie? I'd only watch if they got the old team together: David Tennant as the Doctor, Russell writing, Graeme or Euros directing (maybe even tumbling Teague), and anyone important I've forgotten. As an American I can say we do some things well, but I wouldn't put Doctor Who in the hands of American producers… they would ruin it; as well, Johnny Depp is not Doctor material.

  3. A DW movie? Like someone else said below, ONLY if it's DT, RTD, etc., and not some American production. I'm an American, but to mess with perfection would be ridiculously stupid.

  4. 'I wouldn't put Doctor Who in the hands of American producers… they would ruin it' – yeah, we've had enough of mess with Eighth Doctor! 😉

  5. For a Doctor Who movie to succeed without screwing with continuity, it would have to be very carefully done. And not by Americans. American Torchwood scares me enough! =/

    But anyway, I was under the impression that RTD and co. spent the last year flatly denying that a movie was in the works?


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