Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) was interviewed at the premiere of the new play The Hot House, starring John Simm (The Master) – watch it in the player above. During it she talks about David Tennant, Matt Smith and how the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is “very much for the fans”. For more news and info on the 50th Anniversary, visit the episode section HERE.


  1. @Anonymous – "I think "Rose Tyler" had more meaning to Russell T. Davies than it did for Billie or the "fans.""

    I disagree. For the many Doctor Who viewers who came to the series in 2005 she was the first companion, their Sarah Jane. And she helped to usher in the return of Doctor Who and helped make it work. "Rose Tyler" means a lot to the fans.

  2. Absolutely. Rose was the relatable 'gateway' to the series for viewers who'd never seen it before, she made the show accessible. Imagine if the first companion had been Amy or the show had bogged itself down with this 'who-is-Clara' nonsense in its first season!!


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