Billie Piper is a busy woman who must never rest. She’s a mother and actress in demand who is involved in many great projects. Adding to all of this, Screen Daily has reported that Piper is set to make her directorial debut with a film titled ‘Rare Beasts’.

Many of us know Piper best for her role as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. That was some time ago now and she hasn’t remained idle. Most recently she was gaining rave reviews for her performance in ‘Yerma’, and now she’s set to direct the film ‘Rare Beasts’.

Rare Beasts is…

‘Rare Beasts’ is being called an “anti-rom-com”. and Western Edge Pictures, the production company behind the movie, has said. ““It’s a dark and funny anti-rom-com with a theatrical edge. It’s also a fascinatingly personal comment on the price of modern feminism.”

It’s not enough that Piper will simply direct the film but she also wrote the script. Adding to her responsibilities on ‘Rare Beasts’  she will also star in the picture, as Mandy. Mandy is an independent single mother focused on her career who falls in love with a man who has more traditional values. It certainly sounds ripe with conflict, ideas and a world of possibility. Combine the plot line with the words of Western Edge and it’s easy to imagine how this could be tagged an ‘Anti-rom-com.

Piper told Screen Daily: “I have been looking for a home for this film for a long time now, and I’ve definitely found it with Vaughan and WEP. I’m so excited to shoot this year.”

Western Edge Pictures is developing the project for the Gennakar Group. ‘Rare Beasts’ is slated to begin filming in London and Spain this September. No word on when the picture will be released but it’s safe to say that it won’t be before 2019.


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