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Billie Piper on The Graham Norton Show

Actress Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) is a guest on The Graham Norton Show this evening. Included here are promotional pictures from her appearance – click on them for bigger versions. Also pictured are Josh Groban and Frank Skinner.


  1. I was a Rose fan – thought she had so much respect for the role & the series.
    I detected a bit of snobbishness about her last night.
    The accent, her demeanor.
    I wasn't impressed & quite frankly don't think she will be missed in the 50th birthday celebrations – something tells me, within a year or two, she will be looking for a chance to appear once more.

    Mr Bitter!

  2. I was a tad uncomfortable watching Billie Piper last night.
    She had an air of arrogance about her, new accent & the way she dismissed the 50th anniversary.
    It might be me, she was probably delightful, but I was sat not very happy.
    Give her a year or two & she will be doing her best to get her foot in the TARDIS door once more.

    Mr Bitter.

  3. I know she is an actor, & a good one.
    I remember when she was married to Chris Evans, being interviewed on TV a few times. She is from Swindon, Wiltshire isn't she?

    I just think that Mrs Fox now fits in with the other Fox family members.


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