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Billie Piper interview

Actress Billie Piper, who older readers may remember played Rose Tyler, was a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson earlier this week.
During her time on the show she chatted about her new TV show Penny Dreadful, tattoos, Doctor Who and playing a prostitute whilst host Craig mentioned taking LSD with his good chum Peter Capaldi. Probably not one for younger viewers this.

Watch her interview in the player below.


  1. Nice to see Ferguson continuing his "collection" of Who actors. But if he ever wants to guest star on the show, he might want to lay off a little on that LSD anecdote.

  2. I really think Ferguson should be replacing Letterman instead of Stephen Colbert. Plus it's always bugged me that instead of having Ferguson's show on immediately after Letterman they have that Inside Edition crap on instead. Nobody watches that! And anonymous, there is nothing wrong with recreational LSD use. If anything Doctor Who has always been a very trippy and surreal show. 😀

  3. Met her at Awesome Con last week. She is a real sweetheart. Also, there was no need for the Capaldi LSD story, especially if he wants to keep that private. Still, a fun interview.


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