Big Finish has announced details of The Early Adventures Series Six. The new run sees two Doctors unite and the impossible resurrection of one of Doctor Who’s most tragic companions. Plus, for the first time, the Second Doctor faces the evil of… the Master!

Big Finish continues their popular range Doctor Who: The Early Adventures in November with Series Six. Comprising two new stories featuring the First and Second Doctors, the first details have now been revealed.. The Early Adventures allows for new tales from the era of 1960s Doctor Who by recasting key roles, and Series Six is no exception. In fact, this time out, a new recasting resurrects a companion unheard from for 54 years.

Daughter of the Gods

This unique tales features both Peter Purves as Steven and the First Doctor and Frazer Hines’ popular one-man double act as Jamie and the Second Doctor. Alongside them are Wendy Padbury as Zoe and, for the first time, Ajjaz Awad (Stones, Holby City) as ill-fated companion Katarina. But the Second Doctor knows that Katarina was doomed to die shortly after joining the TARDIS crew. But how can he convince his younger self that his companion is ‘supposed’ to be dead?

Writer David K Barnes (The Dalek Occupation of Winter) described the inspiration for his new story.

“From the beginning, I had so many exciting elements to play with. Contrasting the fun and frolics of the Troughton years with the darker days of the late Hartnell era was something I wanted to get my teeth into, with the Daleks providing their customary threat. 

“However, I always knew what the core of my story should be. What could possibly bring the two Doctors into conflict, on the opposite sides of a dilemma? 

“It could only be the fate of Katarina…” 

Frazer Hines (Jamie and the Doctor), Anneke Wills (Polly), James Dreyfus (the Master), and Elliott Chapman (Ben) (c) Big Finish
Frazer Hines (Jamie and the Doctor), Anneke Wills (Polly), James Dreyfus (the Master), and Elliott Chapman (Ben) (c) Big Finish

The Home Guard

Doctor Who meets Dad’s Army when, during WWII, Ben Jackson (Elliott Chapman) arrives in a quiet English village to visit his good friends, Jamie and Polly McCrimmon (Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills). But why doesn’t this feel quite right? The answer will mean that they and the Second Doctor have to face the terror of the Master (James Dreyfus).

Writer Simon Guerrier’s thought process when he learned of a fun piece of Dad’s Army trivia.

“I found out that when the first episode of Dad’s Army went out in 1968, James Beck (playing dodgy dealer Walker) invited a good friend round to watch it, and that good friend was Doctor Who story editor and writer David Whitaker. It was roughly around the time Whitaker was working on The Enemy of the World and The Wheel in Space, and so I started to think about how you’d do a Dad’s Army kind of Doctor Who story with that kind of baroque, complicated plotting…”

Doctor Who: The Early Adventures Series Six

These two adventures in the sixth series of Doctor Who – The Early Adventures will be released in November 2019, priced at £14.99 on CD or £10.99 on download individually. They are also available to purchase together in a bundle, priced at £26 on CD or £20 on download.


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