Two brand-new tie-in Doctor Who: Short Trips audio adventures featuring two incarnations of the Master are available now as part of Time Lord Victorious

Today sees Big Finish release their first contributions to Doctor Who‘s ongoing multi-platform event, Time Lord Victorious, which began in earnest last month. Over the coming months, a whole host of licensees are set to come together to tell the story of Time Lord Victorious across a range of media, including novels, comics, and audio, as well as immersive live theatre, figurines, and more.

Set during the Dark Times at the very beginning of the universe, Time Lord Victorious will feature the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors as they defend their home planet from a terrible race. Fans can also expect appearances from companion Rose Tyler, along with the Daleks and Ood.

Blogtor Who have put together a helpful infographic to help fans keep track all the releases which are due out over the next five months and beyond, and how they connect to one another:

Blogtor Who's tub map guide to Time Lord Victorious, now updated with details of Genetics of the Daleks (c) Blogtor Who Doctor Who BBC Studios Big Finish Titan Comics BBC Books Escape Hunt Eaglemoss
Blogtor Who’s tub map guide to Time Lord Victorious, now updated with details of Genetics of the Daleks (c) Blogtor Who

Big Finish‘s latest releases introduces the Master’s side of the Time Lord Victorious story. Out today are Lesser Evils by Simon Guerrier, along with Master Thief, by first-time Big Finish writer Sophie Iles.

Lesser Evils features the incarnation of the Master encountered by the Doctor during the 1980s series, as originally portrayed by Anthony Ainley:

The Kotturuh have arrived on the planet Alexis to distribute the gift of death to its inhabitants. The only person standing in their way is a renegade Time Lord, who has sworn to protect the locals. A Time Lord called the Master…

Master Thief, meanwhile, centres around Roger Delgado‘s Master, as seen during the Third Doctor’s era:

The Master wants to plunder one of the most secure vaults in the universe, the Repository. He’s got a plan, and a deadly new weapon to assist him. However, as the Master quickly discovers, getting in might be easy, but getting away with it might cost him everything.

Each of the Short Trips can be enjoyed both individually or as part of the wider Time Lord Victorious storyline. Both are narrated by the “master” of impressions himself, Jon Culshaw, who has said:

“These were such compelling and fascinating stories and a joy to record. They are tantalizing glimpses into unseen chapters of the Master; the chilling, hypnotic, foreboding of the Delgado Master and the elegant, duplicitous shimmer of the Ainley Master!”

Producer Alfie Shaw has also said, “We were given freedom to use whatever aspect of the Doctor Who universe we’d like to pull into Time Lord Victorious. Pitting the Master against the Kotturuh was an irresistible notion and utilising the incredible talents of Jon Culshaw gave us the opportunity to involve two incarnations of the Master that we don’t see much of in Big Finish’s output.”

Director Lisa Bowerman has added, “The two Master Short Trips look into the very specific sides of the Master as portrayed by Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley. Both propose different possibilities as to what would put the Master on the back foot, and key into emotions and actions he cannot understand.”

Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious: Short Trips: Master Thief/Lesser Evils is available to purchase now exclusively from the Big Finish website, priced at just £4.99.

Big Finish – Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – Short Trips: Lesser Evils/Master Thief (Cover)

Duration: 82 minutes approx.
Released: 7 October 2020, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Director: Lisa Bowerman
Producer: Alfie Shaw
Script Editor: Simon Guerrier & Alfie Shaw
Senior Producer: David Richardson
Written by: Simon Guerrier & Sophie Iles
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery


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