Big Finish are giving fans an early Christmas present with 99 Doctor Who related titles for only .99p!

You’ve read that correctly but there’s more goodness than just cheap, early, gifts. Big Finish have set up a sale that started November 17th and will go until December 22nd, 23:59 (UK time). This means you have a month and a few days to take your time to collect some great stories.

These downloads are .99¢ no matter where you are. Big Finish charge in your currency, so for example, Americans or Canadians pay dollars/cents! Meaning it’s affordable for everyone, everywhere, no matter where you are!

Where to start

If you’re new to Big Finish and love all of the Doctors, the place to start is ‘Sirens of Time’. The very first Doctor Who story from Big Finish is a multi-Doctor adventure starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy! The first 50 main range titles are all included in this sale which is incredible seeing as how 51-100 have recently been reduced permanently to £2.99.

The wonderful thing about Big Finish and their main range is that you can pick up, almost any story, and it will work as stand alone adventure. Enjoy Seventh Doctor but don’t want to start at the first (and very excellent) ‘Fearmonger’? That’s okay, you can listen to ‘Master’, which is the 49th release, with no baggage. Some stories have continuity, mostly the 8th Doctor, so to be safe, leave Zagreus for last after listening to McGann’s run.

Master from Big Finish
Master from Big Finish

Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor has become Big Finish’s flagship Doctor, in many ways. His Doctor has the most room to tell new stories that don’t affect the TV program itself while still building upon the ‘whoniverse’. Now is a great time to start catching up as the first ‘Time War’ box set has just come out. McGann’s first story is ‘Storm Warning’ and you really should listen to each of his releases in order, as his relationship with Charley is special and charming.

Storm Warning from Big Finish
Storm Warning from Big Finish

Doctor Who, Sans Doctor

‘Dalek Empire’ series 1-4, ‘Cyberman’ series 1 and ‘I, Davros’ are all available and tell stories that focus on the enemies titled. These are Doctor-less stories but they’re all set within the same universe. These stories tend to have higher stakes as well. With no Doctor to save everyone, you don’t know what the outcome is going to be for the characters. They’re also very highly praised by fans for taking chances and telling stories that aren’t normally told in the world of Doctor Who.

99 Big Finish Titles for .99p
99 Big Finish Titles for .99p

These are just some of the many stories being offered for .99p. There’s also the first ‘UNIT’ series Big Finish produced with Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier. ‘Iris Wildthyme’ is another series and the title character is played by none other than Katy Manning! They have stage plays and Big Finish’s ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ read by a different actor for each Doctor’s story.

One thing to consider is that many of the Doctor-less series are just that, series. So you will want to consider buying multiple stories in order to complete an arc. Much like classic Doctor Who. The good news is that you can buy entire arcs for less than a single story in some cases.

If you’re new to Big Finish, there’s never been a better time to start. If you’re a long time fan then this is a great time to pick up stories you’ve missed and fill in your collection.

99 Big Finish Titles for .99p
99 Big Finish Titles for .99p

Get them here!

How do you get these great deals to work? Go to this page and enter the code “redballons” (It’s fun) and choose away! All of the titles being offered will be listed.

In the comments let us know what you got and what you liked. Leave your list of recommendations as well. Everyone has different tastes and preferences so help out those looking for suggestions. Happy shopping!


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