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Big Finish Review: Torchwood- God Among Us 2 – A Must for Any Fan

Big Finish Review: Torchwood- God Among Us 2 - A Must for Any Fan
Big Finish Review: Torchwood- God Among Us 2 - A Must for Any Fan

The sixth series of Torchwood continues in its second part with God Among Us 2. Picking up from the events of the previous boxset, (Torchwood-God Among Us) can the latest instalment of the adventures of everyones favourite Cardiff based heroes live up to standard?  Big Finishs Torchwood range has been popular with fans since it started in 2015. New characters joining the ranks of Captain Jack have become firm favourites like Mr Colchester and Norton Folgate and the Alternate Universe Yvonne Hartman. Back in October Series Six, a continuation of the events of Series Five (Torchwood: Aliens Among Us) raised several questions, this boxset sets out to answer and raise some more…

Flight 105- Written by Lou Morgan

Lou Morgan pens the first instalment of this boxset and the fifth total episode of the season. Flight 105 centres around a ghost-plane that went missing in the 1950s and the search for a mysterious device called the Lens.

This story is mainly a three-hander between Norton, Andy, and Yvonne. Norton spends the episode acting mysteriously towards Yvonne and Andy and this allows for interesting character interplay, Norton was always a character full of intrigue and this episode plays on it. Norton is searching for a city-destroying device called the Lens that happens to be aboard a lost/crashing aircraft from 1955.

There are some interesting ideas being played around with, such as the concept of time loops, but the run-time was perhaps not long enough to flesh some of these ideas out. Andy the friendly local Police Officer from the days of Televised Torchwood has gained a lot of courage over the last few boxsets and his character shines here.

There are some gruesome moments when Yvonne and Andy have to heroically pilot the plane through the original pilots decaying bodies- which enhanced the fear-factor of the episode as well as building up the tension of the climax. With a twist ending, this story has a lot to like but could have a drawn out a bit more.

Hostile Environment- Written by Ash Derby

Tyler Steele takes centre-stage in this harrowing episode. Off the bat, this story captures the best side of the TV incarnation of Torchwood: social-realism with a sci-fi twist with heaps of human drama. Ash Derby excels in writing and the tale is sure to be one of the favourites of the boxset. Tyler Steele has always been a bit of a hit or miss character. Sometimes he comes across as far too arrogant, but this story really turns those misgivings on their head by making Tyler really suffer.

This story is about the plight of the countless rough-sleepers across the UK and the governments systematic abuse and negligence of societies most vulnerable members. The Homeless of Cardiff are being subjected to forced drug-tests by drones that patrol the city. The public can tag the homeless, alerting the drones to their whereabouts- giving them a choice, drugs or death by fire…This concept is eerie in the fact that all the technology could exist in our modern world, and the publics treatment of the homeless isnt a far cry away from real life.

Tyler and his friend Kirst have great character interplay and feel like real people. The biggest emotional weight of the episode is the suffering endured by Tyler. Hes forced into prostitution some genuinely harrowing scenes. Its difficult to portray sexual abuse in any medium, and while the performances and writing were great, the abuser in this story is more of an archetype than a character.  There is certainly more of Tylers trauma in subsequent stories.

The ending is a little anti-climatic, but satisfying.  Keeping this review spoiler-free – Derby shines the light on how even good people can be blind to the difficulties of the vulnerable.

Another Mans Shoes- Written by Tim Foley

After the rather dense and plot focused two episodes, episode three decides to go for a more laid out character piece.  This is the weaker entry in this boxset. its an enjoyable hour of fluff, and if youre invested in Andy and Yvonnes relationship then this episode will certainly be for you. But after the previous stories, Another Man’s Shoes does dial down the intensity.

The Tyler and Norton side of the story was campy-fun but perhaps was a bit too soon for Tyler to be having fun escapades after his trauma in the previous episode. The actors all sound like theyre having good fun, so that makes the episode enjoyable from that angle.

Eye of the Storm- Written by David Llewellyn

Plotlines converge and secrets are revealed in the explosive finale to this boxset.

David Llewellyn pens this epic story and I can’t give too much away without spoilers as the reveals and surprises work best listened to without knowledge, but this is a very satisfying conclusion to this boxset.  Plus, there are some reveals about Yvonnes shifty behaviour and a number of answers about Norton Folgate.

Some of the threads date back to some of the early main-range Torchwood adventures, so this one really feels like its been one planned in advance. What’s great about Big Finish is that actions have consequences and the decisions and sides picked by the character really feel dramatic in this story. It captures the heights of a season finale.

Even more exciting is that the boxset ends in a cliff hanger leaving the audience wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next set…


Torchwood: God Among Us 2 is definitely a must for any fan of Torchwood. It continues the narrative thread and keeps the suspense and drama u and proved that theres still a lot of stories left in the Torchwood saga.

God Among Us 2 is available on the Big Finish website, in both Download and Physical formats.



6.5 Flight 405 by Lou Morgan

Flight 405 went missing over 60 years ago, but tonight the plane finally lands. Norton Folgate’s a Torchwood agent from the 1950 and he swears Flight 405 contains the secret to the end of the world, but can Torchwood trust him?

6.6 Hostile Environment by Ash Darby

An app’s been launched that allows you to tag the homeless. People think they’re doing a good thing and helping out. It does seem a remarkable success. After all, since it’s launched, there are a lot less homeless people on the streets – so it must be doing some good, mustn’t it?  

6.7 Another Man’s Shoes by Tim Foley

Yvonne wakes up in Andy’s body – and both have difficult days ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Norton’s making himself very much at home in Tyler’s body, much to Tyler’s alarm, and Ng is worried she knows what’s going on.

Someone’s playing a terrible trick on Torchwood. But who will win?

6.8 Eye of the Storm by David Llewellyn

An alien power station is sending out waves of lethal energy, people are turning to stone and the water levels are rising.

As Torchwood set out on a desperate mission, God takes tea with someone who has been playing a very long game.

Has the time come for Norton Folgate to save the world?


  • John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
  • Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman)
  • Paul Clayton (Mr Colchester)
  • Alexandria Riley (Ng)
  • Jonny Green (Tyler Steele)
  • Tom Price (Sergeant Andy Davidson)
  • Samuel Barnett (Norton Folgate)
  • Rakie Ayola (Andrea Davenport)
  • Laura Dalgleish (Phone Shop Manager)
  • Ché Francis (Jay)
  • Jonny Glynn (man in the rain)
  • Jessica Hayles (Kirsty)
  • Richard Henderson (Waiter)
  • Rhys Issac Jones (Aaron)
  • Jacqueline King (God)
  • Kyle Lima (Ben)
  • Ramon Tikaram (Colin Colchester-Price)
  • David Warner (The Committee)

Production Credits

  • Cover Artist Simon Holub
  • Director Scott Handcock
  • Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Music Blair Mowat Steve Wright Ben Foster
  • Producer James Goss
  • Script Editor Scott Handcock
  • Sound Designer Steve Foxon
  • Writer Lou Morgan Ash Darby Tim Foley David Llewellyn
  • Music (Theme) Murray Gold

Torchwood contains adult themes and material, it might not be suitable for young listeners.





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