Doctor Who - Short Trips - Washington Burns - Big Finish
Doctor Who – Short Trips – Washington Burns – Big Finish

by Julian Richards

Starring Sophie Aldred

You have to stop reading. It can get into anything, anything written down. You can’t let it get a hold. We’re doing what we can to stop it. Here and back in 1814. Washington isn’t safe. America isn’t safe. Nowhere is CEREBRA. You have to CEREBRA reading before it CEREBRA. If it gets into your mind CEREBRA it’s all CEREBRA. Everything’s CEREBRA. CEREBRA. CEREBRA. CEREBRA…

Washington Burns is the latest instalment in the narrator performed Short Trips Series. It’s a challenge to bring the many facets of a Doctor Who story to light in just 35 minutes. Writer Julian Richards wrote this and three other short trips rises to the challenge here. The high-concept idea of a being that conceal itself in any written word is exactly the kind of idea that performs successfully in this shorter medium and structure.

Sophie Aldred has worked in broadcast media her whole life and it shows. She narrates the piece confidently and also voice her character Ace, the Doctor and all the other characters with clarity and distinction. The only slight critique is her ‘Doctor’ voice is a little too Scottish. That aside she gives a strong performance across the board.

The piece manages to pace itself well, Cerebra is a great original creation, the story end on a question mark, it would certainly be fascinating to see where this story goes next.


Producer Michael Stevens

Script Editor Jac Rayner
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Julian Richards
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman


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