Everything has an end.  Even a Genesis.

Lucifer: Genesis is a compelling and vivid reimagining of Avon’s life, starting long before the events of the TV series, following his journey from the Liberator to the Scorpio, and leading us into the bleak future of the post-Federation world.  The series is written by the late Paul Darrow who portrayed morally ambiguous anti-hero, Kerr Avon, Terry Nation’s sci-fi space opera, Blake’s 7.   Read by Stephen Grief, who portrayed Space Commander Travis in the series, this final audiobook of the Blake’s 7: Lucifer trilogy is released today. 

Stephen Greif (c) Paul Midcalf
Stephen Greif (c) Paul Midcalf Big Finish

Producer Xanna Eve Chown said:Genesis is the last instalment of Paul Darrow’s epic trilogy, and it has Avon as an old man looking back over his tumultuous past  while still battling his way through the present. The scope of these three books is breathtaking, they were a real labour of love for Paul. Sadly, he didn’t get a chance to narrate this final book, but Stephen Greif does an amazing job of taking up the reins. In an interview at the end of the audiobook, Stephen says that he felt honoured to be able to read this book for his friend, which is just lovely.” 


Powerful, intelligent, ruthless… 

Servalan as a child, learning early about power and how to get it… Avon as a young man, finding ways to beat the system… Two sides of a coin, two lives on a collision course… The events on the Liberator are only a part of their story.

Duration: 421 minutes approx.
Released: 3 March 2021, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Producer: Xanna Eve Chown
Senior Producer: David Richardson
Narrator: Stephen Greif
Written by: Paul Darrow
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery

Price: £9.99 (download) from www.bigfinish.com



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