Big Finish - We Love Stories
Big Finish – We Love Stories

Big Finish, producers of full-cast audio dramatisation recently announced their much improved app is now available on iTunes.

The app now allows you to download your favourite stories to any apple device and has been designed to let you to listen, just the way you want. You can jump to specific chapters, listen in sequence, or choose where to start. Users can save playback positions, skip and scrip between chapters, and use other apps while you are listening. You can also organise audiobooks by title, purchase date, or release date.

The story behind the apps creation is especially interesting. This past January, a superfan got his idea used for a Doctor Who Lego set.  This app came about in nearly the same fashion. Big Finish already had an app that Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs said: “did an adequate job but didn’t really hit the high standards our customers expect of us.” Enter Doctor Who and Big Finish fan Brandon Butler, a Michigan native who taught himself how to be an iOS developer.

Butler began watching Doctor Who on Netflix and became a fan. Since he also loved audio dramas, he soon found his way to Big Finish and became an avid listener.

He began working on a personal app called Undulib, which he developed to help him keep track of his vast audio collection, much of it from Big Finish. Butler said with obvious delight, “I guess somebody from Big Finish was watching what was going on. After Undulib was released on the app store, Kris Griffin, from Big Finish, sent me an email and asked if I would be willing to work on an update for their app. I couldn’t believe it!’

Butler worked with Big Finish to make a native iOS app, and Hughes Media Internet Ltd released the app on the 12th May.

Download the app from iTunes now.


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