Naomi Cross joins Harry and the Doctor for new adventures in 2024…

Today’s Virtual Big Finish Day promised news and surprises and it’s already started to deliver. For a new TARDIS team for Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor has been unveiled. And alongside the Fourth Doctor and beloved imbecile Harry Sullivan, comes Eleanor Crooks as brand new companion Naomi Cross. Naomi is an impetuous UNIT secretary eager to earn her stripes; top of the class, trained in karate, and also very bored of pen-pushing in a London office. And she soon gets more than she hoped for when she joins the TARDIS full time for the Fourth Doctor’s thirteenth series of full-cast audio dramas.

Naomi’s debut will also mark a blockbusting return for a classic Doctor Who monster. Storm of the Sea Devils by David K Barnes revives the amphibious warrior reptiles, first seen on television in 1972, for another deadly conflict with humanity. UNIT assigns Naomi to “babysit” Surgeon-Lieutenant Harry Sullivan (Chris Naylor) on a trip to Calcutta to investigate. And soon the confident but inexperienced Naomi soon encounters the thrills and spills she’s been seeking.  All courtesy of a strange man who wears a long scarf and carries a sonic screwdriver.

Chris Naylor (Harry Sullivan), Tom Baker (The Doctor), and Eleanor Crooks (Naomi Sullivan) star in Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventure Series 13 (c) Big Finish Productions
Chris Naylor (Harry Sullivan), Tom Baker (The Doctor), and Eleanor Crooks (Naomi Sullivan) star in Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventure Series 13 (c) Big Finish Productions

Naomi’s headstrong nature will balance out the more old-school Harry aboard the TARDIS

Big Finish’s Creative Director, Nicholas Briggs promises interesting times ahead for the new companion. “Naomi Cross has a really interesting route to the TARDIS, via the very old-fashioned Harry Sullivan. Almost all her reactions to space-time adventures are the complete opposite of what we’ve come to expect from a Doctor Who companion. And Ellie breathes fantastically energetic life into the role.”

As the actor breathing life into the character, Eleanor Crooks describes Naomi as very much like herself. “She’s very feisty and says what she wants to say. And her weakness, if you will, is that she’s quite headstrong. So it’s good that she has Harry there to balance her out a little bit.”


The Ark in Space : Part 1 (c) BBC Studios
The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Harry (original actor Ian Marter) during their time on TV (c) BBC Studios

Actor Eleanor Crooks will be discussing Naomi as part of Virtual Big Finish Day TODAY

Senior Producer, David Richardson, suggests fans should also listen out for Naomi in various ranges over the next few years. And her story is set to come together in timey wimey fashion. “Naomi has a huge character arc that will play out in the coming years at Big Finish, and you may meet her in unexpected places. Eventually the jigsaw of her life will come together… She’s a force of nature who hurls herself into the Doctor’s life. She’s a member of UNIT who has always been on the outskirts of the Doctor’s adventures – but at last she has the chance to throw herself into the centre of them! And she will learn that life is never simple with the Doctor… “

Doctor Who fans can catch their first glimpse of Eleanor Crooks, discussing her impending role as the Fourth Doctor’s new friend, by joining Virtual Big Finish Day, on the Big Finish YouTube channel, which continues today until 10pm (UK time) today, Saturday the 1st of August. 


The three volumes of Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 13 are available for pre-order now!

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 13 is shaping up to be the most epic yet. It will be released as three 3-disc collector’s edition box sets as well as via download. Each one containing brand-new full cast audio adventures for the Doctor, Harry and Naomi. Tom Baker stars as the Doctor, alongside Eleanor Crooks as Naomi and Chris Naylor (who will be first appearing as Harry Sullivan in Return of the Cybermen in March).

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 13 is now available for pre-order exclusively at the Big Finish website, from just £16.99. Big Finish listeners can also save by pre-ordering a bundle of the entire series. The bundle of three boxsets is priced at £54 as a collector’s edition box set, or as a download for just £48.




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