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Big Finish Nominated for ARIA Awards

Doctor Who: Out of Time is one of two Big Finish releases nominated for ARIA Awards (c) Big Finish/Radio Academy

Big Finish Productions have been nominated for two ARIA Awards in the Best Fictional Storytelling category

The Radio Academy have been presenting awards celebrating the very best in British radio since 1983. And this year their prestigious ARIA Awards have honoured Big Finish Productions with their first two nominations. The first is for Doctor Who story Out of Time, in which Tom Baker teamed up with David Tennant to battle the Daleks. The second nomination is for the Big Finish Original science fiction epic The Human Frontier. Both are nominated as Best Fictional Storytelling.

Doctor Who: Out of Time by Matt Fitton is set in the Cathedral of Contemplation, a vast structure outside of Time. The Tenth Doctor has arrived to consider his destiny. But the Fourth is already there, travelling alone after his parting with Sarah Jane. But the Daleks have invaded the Cathedral with an agenda of their own. Now the two Doctors will need to work together to save reality.

Meanwhile, The Human Frontier by Nicholas Briggs features a ship bound for a distant planet. Aboard, its precious cargo of colonists sleep through the long journey. But advances in technology mean that a ship faster than light leaves Earth centuries later yet arrives at the destination centuries before their ancestors. Rather than a new unspoiled world, exographer Anna Swift (Pepter Lunkuse) finds a sprawling cityscape waiting for her. And who will decide the future of the planet Triton and the Human Frontier?

The Human Frontier (c) Big Finish ARIA Awards Pepter Lunkuse
The Human Frontier is nominated or Best Fictional Storytelling at this year’s ARIA Awards(c) Big Finish

Other nominees include:

  • Eight Point Nine Nine (BBC Audio Bristol) set in a future where legal doping means victory is defined not by training and talent but by who has the best performance enhancing drugs.
  • The Fir Tree (Almost Tangible) based on the Hans Christian Andersen fable
  • Have You Heard George’s Podcast? (BBC Sounds) the semi-autobiographical, and sometimes surreal, musings of George the Poet on practically everything
  • Red Earth Red Sky (BBC Audio Drama North) in which a seventy year old Londoner faces kidnappers and other dangers when returning to Nigeria to bury his sister


The ARIAs will be presented as a special online ceremony for Radio Academy members on the 26th of May.



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