TWMR069 double 1

Torchwood: Double - Part One. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Doctor Who Nestene Consciousness Autons

Torchwood: Double – Part One. Cover by Sean Longmore. A mannequin, representing a bald headed black woman is stylishly dressed in 1970s styles, in a brown plaid coat and neckerchief. Both hands are hinged at the palm, revealing hidden guns. Behind it is a night time London street, including a burning 1970s car, and fire emerging from some of the windows, and another mannequin in a blond wig, representing a white man, in a macintosh raincoat one of its hands also revealing a gun. (c) Big Finish

Don Gilet – Omari Douglas – Louise Jameson – Reda Elazouar – Emma Lowndes – Anthony Howell