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BIG FINISH: ‘Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter – Stolen Goods’ Available to Download for Free

Big Finish - Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter - Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton

Big Finish have announced ‘Stolen Goods‘, taken from their Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter series, as this week’s free audio adventure!

Over the past few weeks, every Monday Big Finish have been offering a new story from their back catalogue as a free download – or #lockdownload – for a limited time.

This week’s free download has been revealed to be ‘Stolen Goods’, an hour-long story starring Georgia Tennant as Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter. Tennant reprises her brief but memorable on-screen role from 2007 television story ‘The Doctor’s Daughter‘, in which Jenny was artificially created using the Tenth Doctor’s DNA after it was sampled by a progenation machine.

Written by Matt Fitton, ‘Stolen Goods’ was originally released in June 2018 as part of The Worlds of Doctor Who collection. This story (as well as future Big Finish #lockdownloads) can be downloaded for free exclusively from their website’s Weekly Deals page. They can be unlocked by anyone who has created a free Big Finish account, and can be played using the free Big Finish app. These free downloads will each be available for one week, and come with a special discount offer on related titles, with more free stories due to be released over the next four weeks.

What’s more, listeners can get 50% off the first series of Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter on Big Finish’s Weekly Deals page. There is also a 25% discount on the usual bundle price of the Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter series when purchased together with their Lady Christina series on the Big Finish website.


Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter – ‘Stolen Goods‘ is available to download for free from today (Monday 4th May) on the Big Finish website.

Jenny is new to the universe and keen to explore – but in unfamiliar spaceships, accidents happen. She’s lucky to have someone on-hand to help. A slippery, fast-talking someone, called Garundel.

Soon, Jenny is mixed up in cons and explosions. But she also finds something strange, inexplicable, and as new to universe as she is. She’ll call him Noah.

Big Finish – Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter – Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton

Please note that Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mailout of collector’s edition CDs will be delayed, but all purchases of CD releases unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date.



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