Big Finish has revealed that the future Doctor Chronicles releases will have a different tone.

Jake Dudman will star as the narrator and voice of the Doctors for ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles‘ in April. This will be followed by ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles‘ with a release date still to be confirmed.

Jake Dudman is an actor, impressionist and YouTuber with a talent for the modern Doctors. Back in April, he released his take on the Curator scene from ‘The Day of the Doctor’. He played the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors alongside impersonator-extraordinaire Jon Culshaw as the Third Doctor and Tom Baker’s Curator.

Clearly he impressed some folk at Big Finish. Dudman made his Big Finish debut back in August playing a UNIT radio operator in ‘The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume Three‘. Big Finish also confirmed that Matthew J Elliott and James Goss will pen the opening Tenth Doctor stories.

The Ninth Doctor Chronicles‘ was released in May to critical acclaim. Nicholas Briggs brought his vocal talents to bear on rendering Christopher Eccleston’s distinct Northern cadence. At the time, Briggs emphasised that he wasn’t attempting to impersonate the original actors but to capture the spirit of their voice.

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