India Fisher will reprise her role as Edwardian adventuress Charley Pollard as she reunites with the Sixth Doctor in brand new Big Finish audio story These Stolen Hours.

For almost ten years, Big Finish have been release audio short stories as part of their Doctor Who – Short Trips range. Many of these stories are written by some of Doctor Who’s most popular authors from the worlds of television, print, comics and audio, and read by a host of favourite Big Finish actors.

This month’s release from the Short Trips range will see companion Charlotte Pollard (as portrayed by India Fisher) reunited with the Doctor, although this story is being told many years after they parted.

Charley knows all too well how precious memories can be. She remembers her travels with the Doctor, her Doctor. She remembers watching him die.

A time disturbance leads the Doctor and Charley to a remote research station. Unable to form memories, the crew believe someone is doing their work while they sleep. The truth, however, is far more insidious.

Big Finish – Doctor Who – Short Trips: These Stolen Hours – India Fisher

Writer Grace Knight has said, “For me, the most striking thing about Charley’s relationship with the Sixth Doctor is that it’s so bittersweet. After all, her Doctor is the Eighth, and they had years of adventures and fun and loved each other very much, and then as far as she knew, he died. And just as she was grieving for him, up popped his former self – not quite the person she loved, but a whole lot better than nothing.

“In the adventures Charley and the Sixth Doctor have together all of this is kept very much in the subtext. And that makes sense. Charley is all id. She lives completely in the present and isn’t one for soul searching, really. But I wanted to know what would happen if she were forced to stop and reflect. This is Doctor Who though so, of course, there are monsters and mysteries, and running around, and a transparent space station shaped like a double helix. But at its heart, this is a story about Charley and the best friend she lost.”

Producer Alfie Shaw added, “Charley has a very interesting relationship with the Doctor, travelling with two very different incarnations in the wrong chronological order. Grace has picked up the themes and challenges inherent in that set-up, and run with it to create a heartbreaking tale that touches on lots of elements from Charley’s travels across time and space. It’s a beautiful story, read perfectly by the wonderful India Fisher.”

Doctor Who – Short Trips: These Stolen Hours is available to download now exclusively from the Big Finish website, priced at just £2.99.

Big Finish – Doctor Who – Short Trips: These Stolen Hours (Cover)

Duration: 32 minutes approx.
Released: 28 August 2020, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Director: Lisa Bowerman
Producer: Alfie Shaw
Script Editor: Alfie Shaw
Senior Producer: David Richardson
Written by: Grace Knight
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery

Big Finish listeners can save money with a bundle of the Short Trips range and get the 12 stories from Series 10 for just £30 – that’s a whole year’s worth of adventures, including the already-released stories:

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