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Big Finish Humble Bundle in Aid of Children in Need

Big Finish Humble Bundle Art by Anthony Lamb (c) Big Finish Productions

The popular ‘pay what you want’ product bundling site Humble Bundle currently have a Big Finish Humble Bundle on offer, in aid of Children in Need

Since 2010 Humble Bundle have offered time limited bundles which reward donations to chosen charities with products at potentially a fraction of their normal price. Each bundle features tiers and the more you donate, the more you get. Users also get to choose how the money they pay is split between Humble Bundle, the chosen charity, and the content provider. The new Big Finish Humble Bundle includes $371 worth of Big Finish audios (download only) for a donation of as little as $15 but it only available until the 28th of August.

Dark Eyes Volume 1 (c) Big Finish Productions
Dark Eyes Volume 1 Cover by Alex Mallinson (c) Big Finish Productions

How it works

Choose how much to donate. You can donate as much you like or as little as $1, but the Big Finish Humble Bundle is split into tiers as follows –

Pay $1-$7.99 and get

  • Doctor Who: Short Trips Volumes 1-4
  • Torchwood: The Conspiracy

Pay $8-$14.99 and get all that plus

  • Doctor Who: Dark Eyes Volume 1
  • Torchwood: Fall to Earth
  • Torchwood: Forgotten Lives
  • Tom Baker at 80
  • This is Colin Baker

Pay $15 or more and get everything above plus

  • Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Volume 1
  • Torchwood: One Rule
  • Torchwood: Uncanny Valley
  • Torchwood: More Than This
  • Torchwood: The Victorian Age
Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Volume 1 Art by Damien May (c) Big Finish Productions

Choose where your money goes. Whatever you donate, you can choose how much of it goes to Humble Bundle, how much to Big Finish Productions, and how much to Children in Need. It’s entirely up to you.

Humble Bundles aren’t geolocked and you can bought from anywhere in the world. Though set in dollars, the tiers at current exchange rates equate to:

Tier One: 78p – £6.27 or 87c – €6.99

Tier Two: £6.28 – £11.76 or €7 – €13.11

Tier Three: £11.77+ or €13.12+

Torchwood: Uncanny Valley. Cover by Lee Binding (c) Big Finish Productions

Children in Need is the BBC’s charity and annual telethon devoted to helping disadvantaged children across the United Kingdom. Originating in 1927, and taking its current form in 1980, it has a long standing association with Doctor Who and a place in the hearts of Doctor Who fans. They currently support 2,400 children’s projects in the UK. This year’s telethon will be held on the 16th of November.

The Big Finish Humble Bundle in aid of Children in Need is available from now until the 28th of August at this link

To learn more about Children in Need at the work they do with children in the UK, and for more ways to help, click here



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