Big Finish have secured an incredible five nominations at the Scribe Awards, celebrating the best of officially licensed tie-in fiction.

Taken from across the Big Finish range, the Scribe Awards nominees include nods for Big Finish’s work on Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, and Dark Shadows. The variety of genres and storytelling styles is also testament to the wide range of work done by the team.

The nominees are:

  • Doctor Who: The Calendar Man by AK Benedict
  • Doctor Who: The Invention of Death by John Dorney
  • Doctor Who: The Master of Callous by Guy Adams and James Goss
  • Blake’s 7: The Way Ahead by Mark Wright
  • Dark Shadows: The Girl Beneath the Water by Lila Whelan
The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Boxset Cover (c) Big Finish
The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Boxset Cover (c) Big Finish

Stories for Big Finish’s very own Doctors, Jacob Dudman and David Bradley, are among those nominated

Part of The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles, The Calendar Man stars Jacob Dudman as the Eleventh Doctor. Arriving on a foggy colony world, the Doctor finds it a deeply troubled place despite the insistence of the locals that nothing is wrong. Only one colonist suspects something is amiss with this world but a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Writer, AK Benedict described herself as  “utterly delighted to be nominated. It was a huge surprise, and an honour that was celebrated with cake.”

David Bradley stars as the First Doctor in The Invention of Death. Returning alongside him are Claudia Grant as Susan, Jemma Powell as Barbara and Jamie Glover as Ian. Part of The First Doctor Adventures Volume Two, the story sees the TARDIS crew encounter an immortal race of aliens. Aliens fascinated by this new concept of ‘death’. Talking about the nomination for his script Jon Dorney said, “Invention of Death was my attempt to do something quite different for a Doctor Who story, and I’m pleased it’s connected with so many people.”

The War Master: Master of Callous Cover (c) Big Finish
The War Master: Master of Callous Cover (c) Big Finish

Sir Derek Jacobi’s silkily malevolent Master also receives a nomination for The Master of Callous

The War Master boxset, The Master of Callous, meanwhile, is one epic tale which twists its way across four discs. Sir Derek Jacobi returns once again as the Master in a scheme which riffs on Joseph Conrad’s famous Nostromo. The evil Time Lord manipulates the people of the mining colony Callous for his own dark ends with tragic results. Guy Adams said he was “extremely proud of the work we all did on Master of Callous.  It’s a beautiful, dark, box of evil. If the story wins an award it will use it to commit further acts of villainy.”

Meanwhile, co-writer James Goss has his own plans for the award, “Statistically there’s a thrilling chance that Big Finish will win this category, and a high chance that an award will end up on the Benedict-Adams mantelpiece. Higher still if John Dorney becomes their flatmate.” Personally, Blogtor Who thinks a prestigious award sitting on a mantelpiece silently wanting to be used as a murder weapon sounds like a story that needs to be written.

Blake's 7 40th Anniversary The Way Ahead
Blake’s 7 40th Anniversary The Way Ahead

Big Finish’s Blake’s 7 and Dark Shadow ranges receive their own Scribe nominations

Away from the worlds of Doctor Who, Big Finish have also been recognized for their other licenses too. Blake’s 7: The Way Ahead tells parallel adventures for the Liberator from near the start and end of its time. Writer Mark Wright said, “I’m thrilled that The Way Ahead has been nominated, especially as it’s for the 40th anniversary of the series. It’s a tribute to the incredible cast and director, John Ainsworth, who did the hard really work with the words.”

Finally, The Girl Beneath the Water is part of the Dark Shadows: The Lovers’ Refrain set. In it, Kathryn Leigh Scott and David Selby’s Maggie and Quentin find themselves beset on all sides as a party to mark Quentin’s 65th birthday party is beset by dark magic. While reality itself twists out of shape, Maggie and Quentin will have to decide what they’re willing to do to protect their children and their life together. Writer Lila Whelan described it as “a huge compliment to be recognised, and fantastic to be in with such good company!”


Big Finish are celebrating the nominations, with a special offer of a 25% discount on the nominated stories, or the boxsets they’re a part of. To avail of this offer go to the Big Finish site.

The Scribe Awards winners will be announced at San Diego Comic Con in July.




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