DWMR266 Time Apart

Big Finish – Doctor Who: Time Apart – Cover by Tom Webster. Photo/art montage. The Fifth Doctor, seen from the mid-chest up, is central in the image. He’s wearing his panama hat, cricketing whites, and a slightly quizzical expression. The bottom portion of the image depicts water, with the illusion of the Doctor having risen up out of it. To the left, a stone medieval bridge (not in scale with the Doctor) stretches across the water, while on the right an 18th century sailing ship makes its way through the waters towards a firery red sunset. Above left is actually an underwater scene with a giant, alien looking fish looking down at the TARDIS, itself in a force field bubble, with milky white eyes. On the top right the sunset merges into a East German communist logo of hammer and compass made of stone. While the circles around it extend out to form a sort of tunnel which an old fashioned diesel train zooms towards us. Behind the train rises up the spire of Strasbourg Cathedral. (c) Big Finish Productions