The latest title in the Doctor Who: The Early Adventures range from Big Finish is now available. Entanglement stars Maureen O’Brien and Peter Purves continuing the adventures of the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven. This marks the third release in the fifth series of the range.

Doctor Who: The Early Adventures is a series of brand new stories set during the early days of Doctor Who. These stories are told through narration and a supporting cast of actors, including the surviving leads who reprise their original roles.

Stay tuned to BlogtorWho as we bring you a full review of Entanglement.

Doctor Who: 5.3 Entanglement is available now from the Big Finish website.

Doctor Who: The Early Adventures – Entanglement (c) Big Finish


Cambridge, England, the mid 1930s. When the Doctor, Steven and Vicki get separated from the TARDIS they are forced to spend some time amongst the ancient spires of Sedgwick College. The college is mid-way through a leadership crisis following the unexplained disappearance of the Master of Sedgwick, Sir Isaiah Hardy. An election for his replacement is now taking place.

But is that all that’s happening in this seemingly peaceful location? The Proctors are behaving in mysterious ways and the students are prone to bursts of unexplained violence. When one of his companions also vanishes, the Doctor realises that there’s more at stake here than control of an educational establishment. A dark plan is underway – one that threatens the entire future of humanity itself!

Written By: Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman


Maureen O’Brien (Vicki / Narrator), Peter Purves (Steven Taylor / The Doctor / Narrator), Mark Edel-Hunt (Guy), Sam Woolf (Kim), Philip Fox (Professor Charles Lewis), Richard Braine (Professor Linus Woolf), John Rowe (Sir Isiah Hardy). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer: David Richardson.
Script Editor: John Dorney.
Executive Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs.

Doctor Who: 5.3 Entanglement is available now from the Big Finish website. The title is priced at £14.99 on CD and £10.99 to Download. The Big Finish App, available on Apple and Android devices, also makes listening even easier. It is also a free app to download, just search in your app store.


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