The spectre of the Daleks looms behind every adventure in a brand-new anthology of full-cast audio dramas for the Fifth Doctor, released today.

Peter Davison travels alone as the Doctor in Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 1, four single-part stories with an unusual mystery connecting them. As the TARDIS lands in different times and different places, the Doctor keeps meeting the same faces but as different people. Then ghostly voices with a very familiar metallic ring keep breaking through…

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 1 is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD (at £14.99 each) or digital download (at £12.99 each), at

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 1 (c) Big Finish

The four exciting stories in Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks Part 1 are:

Aimed at the Body by James Kettle

An encounter with a notorious cricketing legend should be right up the Doctor’s street. But the unexpected appearance of an old enemy is about to send the Doctor on a quest.

Lightspeed by Jonathan Morris

The trail has led the Doctor to a spaceship in the far future – where he finds himself trapped in the middle of a terrifying revenge plot.

The Bookshop at the End of the World by Simon Guerrier

It’s very easy to forget yourself and get lost in a bookshop. But in some bookshops more than most…

Interlude by Dan Starkey

The play’s the thing! Or is it? The Doctor is roped into a theatrical spectacular – but who is he really performing to?


Peter Davison is joined by Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks and Jamie Parker (The History Boys), Anjli Mohindra (Bodyguard), Dervla Kirwan (The Stranger) and Glen McCready (Years and Years).

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks – Peter Davison and Dalek shadow (c) Big Finish

Actor Nicholas Briggs said: “As the title suggests, rather than this being a full on ‘Daleks burst through walls and blow people up’ kind of adventure, the Daleks cast a long shadow over this story. It was a fantastic idea that senior producer David Richardson and script editor John Dorney came up with – to do something different with the Time War. It’s up to the audience to work out how and why the Daleks are there and that’s what makes this such an intriguing story.

Script editor John Dorney said: “The general brief was to work with the same three recurring actors – Dervla Kirwin, Anjli Mohindra and Jamie Parker – although technically you might veer towards a fourth, Glen McCready, who features occasionally. And it’s a specific age range and type for them, returning throughout time. The actors recur, but not the characters. Then there’s the question of why that’s a thing…

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 1 – Jamie Parker (c) Big Finish

Actor Glen McCready said: “Shadow of the Daleks is an extraordinary collection of adventures. You’re aware there is a master plan – that the Daleks are behind something – but all the time you are disorientated again and again. It also deals with all sorts of contemporary issues. It was fantastic fun to be a part of this project.

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 1 is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD (at £14.99 each) or digital download (at £12.99 each), at the Big Finish website.

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 2 will be released in November 2020 and is currently available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (at £14.99) or digital download (at £12.99).


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