Double Doctor Trouble! A bottle mystery with double the Doctor-y fun. Doctor Who – Short Trips: Regeneration Impossible is released today.

A unique pairing of Doctors, one at the end of his regenerative cycle, the other at the very start of his. Jacob Dudman narrates this exciting clash of personalities, performing as both the melancholic but manic Eleventh and the irascible and spiky Twelfth Doctors in a brand new audio adventure, out now.

Doctor Who – Short Trips: Regeneration Impossible – Jacob Dudman (c) Big Finish

Get ready to hear the Doctors bounce off each other in a way they never have before.

Doctor Who – Short Trips are short stories, many written by some of Doctor Who’s most popular authors from the worlds of television, print, comics and audio, and read by a host of favourite Big Finish actors.

Doctor Who – Short Trips: Regeneration Impossible is now available to download exclusively from the Big Finish website for just £2.99.

Big Finish listeners can save money with a bundle of the Short Trips range and get the 12 stories from series 10 for just £30 – that’s a whole year’s worth of adventures, including the already-released stories, Decline of the Ancient Mariner (read by Mark Reynolds), The Infinite Today (read by Katy Manning), Deleted Scenes (read by Frazer Hines) and Dead Woman Walking (read by Sophie Aldred).

Doctor Who – Short Trips: Regeneration Impossible (c) Big Finish


The Doctor is in his TARDIS atop a cloud above Victorian London. He’s retired, no longer interfering in the affairs of others. There’s nothing that could make him help anyone else. Except, perhaps, the lure of another Time Lord…

The Doctor is locked in a mortuary in Victorian London, dying. He can’t escape and doesn’t know how to keep himself alive. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, he finds himself locked in with the one person he hates most in the entire universe.



Actor Jacob Dudman said: “I love multi-Doctor stories. Particularly, I love the meeting of two characters whose own mortality bleeds into one another. With the Eleventh Doctor believing he truly is the last incarnation, discovering he has a future self creates a fascinating dynamic.”

Doctor Who – Short Trips: Regeneration Impossible – Jacob Dudman (c) Big Finish

The story itself is chockablock full of moments that’ll make fans go ‘squee!’, with some immense sound design and truly awesome music. This was possibly my favourite Big Finish story I’ve performed to date. I enjoyed voicing all the characters and the new challenge of voicing the Twelfth Doctor, which I can only improve on for future releases to come.

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Writer/producer Alfie Shaw explained: “When I was taking over the Short Trips range, one of the reoccurring things that I kept seeing was people saying, ‘I’m simply not interested in audiobooks, I only listen to audio drama.’ So, I thought we’d give them one!”

Jake’s amazing abilities enabled this to happen, and what better way to kick off an experimental format for the range than with a multi-Doctor story. There’s a lovely parallel between the Eleventh Doctor in The Snowmen (which is this story is set a bit before) and the Twelfth Doctor’s tenure at St Luke’s University. Both have chosen to stop travelling – well, mostly! (We’ve seen that he will nip out if the need arises!) However, they’ve stopped for very different reasons. The Eleventh Doctor out of grief and shame, the Twelfth out of duty to guard Missy. I used that as a starting point for the story, and built it up from there.”

It’s a trans-temporal mystery, loaded with Easter eggs for fans of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. I hope you like it.

Doctor Who: Regeneration Impossible is available now from the Big Finish website. The title is priced at £2.99 to download. The Big Finish App, available on Apple and Android devices, also makes listening even easier. It is a free app to download, just search in your app store.


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