Big Finish - Doctor Who - Casualties of Time
Big Finish – Doctor Who – Casualties of Time

The different story threads of the last seven fourth Doctor audio adventures are brought together for a shattering finale in ‘Casualties of Time’.

In this final story the fourth Doctor steps into the trap set across time for him by the conniving Conglomerate magnate Cuthbert. Romana remains in the custody of Cuthbert’s hysterical henchman, Dorrick. And K9 is drawn to prehistoric Scotland where an unusual power source has attracted his attention.

As events reach a tense climax, writer and director Nicholas Briggs grabs you into the action leaving you on the edge of your seat wondering just how the Doctor is going to get out of this latest scrape.

Production values are extremely high here. Making it so easy to visualise this adventure playing out on screen. This is helped by the joyous performances of the three leads who are so obviously having a good time being back together again. David Warner is at the top of his game, bringing the unhinged element of Evil he played in Time Bandits.

Overall ‘Casualties of Time’ feels like a fitting conclusion to a gripping story arc.

Blogtor Rating 10/10

Big Finish Synopsis

The TARDIS crew have unknowingly become embroiled in a web of deceit. A trap has been laid across time and they have no possible means of escape. Destiny has ensnared them.

The Doctor is finally getting the chance to see the Conglomerate’s work at first hand. Romana is working to save the alien Laan once and for all. K9 is returning to Ancient Britain in search of an unusual power source.

The Doctor, Romana and K9.

Today one of them will die.

 Note: This adventure continues from Doctor Who: The Pursuit of History

Written By: Nicholas Briggs

Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


 Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9/The Oortag), David Warner (Cuthbert), Toby Hadoke (Mr Dorrick), David Troughton (The Black Guardian/Edge), Jez Fielder (Drudger/Ecidien Cerebus Bird/The White Guadian/Salonu Prime), Jane Slavin (The Laan/Conglom-net Computer/Salonu).

Casualties of Time is now available to buy on CD or download from Big Finish.


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