The Tenth Doctor and River Song are back together again in three brand-new Doctor Who audio adventures, out today from Big Finish Productions

For the first time in over a decade, David Tennant and Alex Kingston reunite to reprise their iconic roles as the Tenth Doctor and River Song in a new Big Finish audio drama box set. Tennant and Kingston star in three brand-new adventures alongside a whole host of guest stars. These include a number of familiar faces from across the Doctor Who universe, with previous Doctors Peter Davison and Colin Baker making guest appearances, along with Anjli Mohindra, Joe Sims, Joe Jameson, Barnaby Kay, Mina Anwar, Sam Benjamin, Emma Swan and Tim Bentinck.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song features three new stories from James GossLizzie Hopley, and Jonathan Morris:

Expiry Dating by James Goss

Big Finish – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song – Expiry Dating by James Goss (Cover)

The first time the Doctor met River Song, he saw her die. And now she’s asking him on a date. Well, not a date, exactly… More of a mission.

But the Doctor isn’t at anyone’s beck and call. Or so he thinks.

With billions of lives hanging in the balance, can the Doctor afford not to do whatever River wants? Whichever one of him she asks?

Precious Annihilation by Lizzie Hopley

Big Finish – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song – Precious Annihilation by Lizzie Hopley (Cover)

When jewels become lethal in the London of 1912, both River and the Doctor turn up to find out why.

A mystery takes them centuries into the past, and onto the high seas, where a superstitious crew edges towards mutiny.

The star-crossed couple are about to find out that, while gemstones inspire jealousy, love can be the deadliest treasure of all…

Ghosts by Jonathan Morris

Big Finish – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song – Ghosts by Jonathan Morris (Cover)

River and the Doctor meet on the most haunted planet in the galaxy. The Doctor’s not sure it’s an ideal date – until they discover a mystery.

Something is wrong with the ghosts. Something might even be killing them…

And as the Doctor and River investigate, the truth of what’s happening on the planet of ghosts may prove deadly for them both.

Alex Kingston has said, “I thought that it was a lovely, sad, encapsulated story arc, where she sacrifices herself and you never really fully get to know what happened between them.

“It never occurred to me that it was going to go further than that. My library is getting bigger and bigger by the year. And that is not a euphemism.”

Big Finish – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song – Alex Kingston

David Tennant has added, “What’s fascinating about this relationship is that they’re both at different stages of it and my Doctor is baffled by her. And doesn’t understand why she’s being so flirty. It doesn’t really compute.

“Over the course of these three stories he certainly softens towards her ways. It’s an interesting thing to play. How wonderful that it’s possible and what a treat that we can still tell these stories.”

Big Finish – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song – David Tennant

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song is available now as a collector’s edition four-disc CD box set for the special price of £27.99, or as a download for £19.99, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

The Doctor knows that River Song is a part of his future. A maddening, intriguing, but inevitable part.

Their lives are becoming inextricably intertwined, but in these early days – for the Doctor at least – they must navigate their relationship without too many spoilers.

Whatever her past, and the Doctor’s future, holds, River will make sure that he has fun untangling the mystery…

Each story is also being released as a single-disc vanilla edition, with no extras, for just £10.99 on CD or £8.99 as a download.

Big Finish listeners can save money by purchasing all three single-disc releases as a bundle for £25 on CD, or £19 as a digital download.

Big Finish – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and River Song (Cover)


Duration: 245 minutes approx.
Released: 25 November 2020, exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Director: Nicholas Briggs
Producer: David Richardson
Script Editor: Matt Fitton
Written by: James Goss, Lizzie Hopley, Jonathan Morris
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery


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