Have you ever listened to a Big Finish audio?  Do you remember the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companion Leela (Louise Jameson)?

If not why not drop by the BBC Radio and give a Big Finish audio a try and catch Destination Nerva, written and directed by Nicholas Briggs on Saturdays on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 6pm.  This week’s episode, Destination Nerva is already on BBC iPlayer in case you missed it like we did.

For more Doctor Who on BBC Radio 4 Extra check out the programmes pages at BBC website.

Destination Nerva

After saying their goodbyes to Professor Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago, the Doctor and Leela respond to an alien distress call beamed direct from Victorian England. It’s the beginning of a journey that will take them to the newly built Space Dock Nerva… where a long overdue homecoming is expected. A homecoming that could bring about the end of the human race.

Tom Baker is the Fourth Doctor, with his ancient warrior companion, Leela, played by Louise Jameson.

Written and directed by Nicholas Briggs.


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